runDisney launches virtual races

Apr 28, 2016 in "Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend"

Posted: Thursday April 28, 2016 2:52pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

runDisney's latest offering seeks to solve the problem that you might not be at a Walt Disney World Resort to take part in a runDisney race.

The Virtual Running Shorts Series is a set of three virtual races (Yellow Shoes 5K, Red Pants 5k and White Glove 5K), that you complete in your own choice of location, with a runDisney medal in return.

It wouldn't be a runDisney event without a challenge, so there is a fourth option to run all 3 virtual races for more commemorative gifts at the end.

Each virtual 5K race costs $39 to enter including a medal, or $143 for the entire series including all three individual race medals, a special challenge medal, digital race bib and a Mickey tumbler.

Each race has to be completed between the specified dates, and medals are sent within 30 days of race completion. There is no proof of run required, so accepting the medal comes down to the honor system.

You can read more details and register starting April 28 2016 at the runDisney site, with the races taking place between May 15 and June 30 2016.

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LAKid53Feb 01, 2020

I believe each race was around $45ish. Bundle was in the $150 range - you get an extra medal.

surfsupdonFeb 01, 2020

How much were these things? And the bundle?

RememberWhenFeb 01, 2020

Has anybody done a virtual race with kids? We’d like to do the 5k in November, but thought some good training for it for our 8 yo would be a virtual race over the summer. The fun of getting a medal without all the crowds. Any thoughts? Crazy? Plus we can push the toddler in the stroller here and at Disney we need another adult to stay with her.

dreamfinderOct 03, 2019

Well crap, I might need to do a virtual race it sounds like.

LAKid53Oct 01, 2019

runDisney put the theme up for vote and Park Attractions received the most votes. I would hope an attraction from each park for the races and challenge medal.

GreenlawlerOct 01, 2019

Sounds like they are basing it on attractions this year.... My guess is we get a Haunted Mansion, Pirates, Space Mountain, and one other? I wish they would do this for the actual races....A Haunted Mansion themed race would be fantastic!

LAKid53Oct 01, 2019

The entire series was about $155, with tax and service fee. Registration opened in May, but I was able to register when registered in April for the Half Marathon during Marathon weekend.

GreenlawlerOct 01, 2019

I see where they have dropped hints to next medal theme. I might actually sign up. How quickly should I sign up and how much was it last summer?

Surferboy567Jul 12, 2019

Wonder when mine will come in...It sure felt great to do that run!

LAKid53Jul 11, 2019

Got my medals today. Hung up my Captain America one. Will be doing the Iron Man 5K this weekend. If it's not raining.

Surferboy567Jul 06, 2019

Looks like today is the day...

LAKid53Jun 25, 2019

It is a tad confusing....

HiJeJun 25, 2019

Thank you very much. I found that one and entered my time there. I was worried that it might just be to make your own finishers certificate. Thanks again for the help!!!

LAKid53Jun 25, 2019

Here it is. You access it through the runDisney page for the Virtual series.