runDisney announces cancellation of 2021 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend and Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend

Sep 22, 2020 in "Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend"

Posted: Tuesday September 22, 2020 2:27pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

runDisney has announced the cancellation of in-person races for both the 2021 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend and Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

As with the 2020 Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend, both events will be converted to virtual events. The Marathon Weekend was scheduled for January 2021 and the Princess Half was scheduled for February 2021.

Participants who registered through will have the option of receiving a full refund for the race. Those who are registered with a U.S. mailing address may convert their existing registration to the new virtual event that can be completed from home, a local running track or favorite running trail.

Eligible runners who participate in the virtual race will receive a medal for each distance they complete and the option of a race shirt. Registered participants will receive an email beginning September 23 with instructions on how to make their registration selection before October 7, 2020.

Learn more about the refund details at runDisney.

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dreamfinder16 hours ago

In person Marathon sold out. Only Dopey left for in person, and nothing virtual.

GimpYancIent3 days ago

I am generally in corral C but did briefly start a few times in B I always got a kick out of seeing the A corral starters standing in lines as I distance runner shuffle past.

surfsupdon4 days ago

In Corral A, even without lines, I only stop for characters that are rare or really speak to me from my youth. Sure I will run by and wave to them as they wave back and cheer, but I only stop for important ones to me. Cruella or Hook are prime examples. Cinderella would be great too.

Edward Jackson5 days ago

Congratulations for having started from corral A in the past. I would love to stop for photos but I run slow enough without adding to the event by standing in lines.

pdude8110 days ago

There's still adequate time to train for a marathon, and really that's the best I'm going for here even though I'll run each race. By the late stages of training you're running tons of miles nearly every day anyway. I understand the drain though. It can be a huge pain finding time and motivation to get out there, and then when it's 10 degrees hotter than seasonally appropriate it's a struggle to put in a decent number of miles.

DznyGrlSD10 days ago

Well put. I just fear that it's less than 4 months away and I'm really REALLY not trained. I'm having a hard time training for Wine/Dine 10k & half right now

GimpYancIent10 days ago

Each time I have done the DOPEY there has been a period of time, as time to go to WDW and do it drew closer, where I did not feel the motivation I did when I signed up. A sort of slump. The reality is no where, that I know of, can a person run a 5K, 10K, Half Marathon then a full Marathon on consecutive days (no rest days in between) w start times 5:00 / 5:30 A.M. (invigorating) through amusement parks. There are amusement parks that have individual races on their properties, but, no where near the magnitude of the DOPEY. Then there is the intimidation (yeah fear) factor when it's time for your assigned corral to GO and you have to step over the 5 K start line to begin the Challenge and the fact of all the miles to be run over the next four days. AH but, anyone that has done the DOPEY knows, the really good feeling you experience when you cross the Marathon finish line on Sunday. It's all too brief but Damn it feels good. So yeah I see signing up for the DOPEY not just as a challenge but a commitment that once I sign up I am going to do, I am going to finish and enjoy the reward. Just this old runners perspective.

DznyGrlSD10 days ago

My desire to run Dopey is waning. I put together a training calendar and I really REALLY don't want to run more than 13.1 LOL

Christi2222210 days ago

So my husband is a sub 4 hour marathoner and I'm about an hour behind him. He has ridden Everest because there is no line when he goes by. Fast forward an hour to the mid packers like myself, and the line is loooong-ish and I can't bring myself to push my finish any further into the heat. So I haven't despite it really really wanting to!

Texas8411 days ago

No, always afraid I would pull a muscle and not be able to get out of the train. But in the good old days of running from corral A I would stop and get pictures. Almost no lines that early. Those days are gone forever.

Edward Jackson11 days ago

Trust me I am not out there running for a POT. I just don't want to spend time standing in lines. I just want to be done with it, get my medal and then wearing everywhere I go for the next day or so.

pdude8111 days ago

I stop for characters at the expense of time, but not for rides thus far. I would if it were a group trying to get a special photo or something on Everest but I run solo. Now if we have to take pictures from 45 feet away that will help my course time a lot

DznyGrlSD11 days ago

I run Disney to finish before the balloon ladies and to get as many characters, photos, rides, etc. as I can. I save other races for my POT for Disney for better corral placement LOL

Edward Jackson11 days ago

Did anyone here ever take time out to ride Everest during the Marathon. I always thought about it, but I was more interested in finishing the race. Same reason you will never find me in a 2 block long line during the race for a character picture. I love seeing them out there, but I really want to run the race and get it done.