runDisney places Disneyland Resort events on hiatus from 2018, including the Coast to Coast Challenges

Oct 19, 2017 in "Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend"

Posted: Thursday October 19, 2017 8:36am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

runDisney has announced that it will be placing its events at the Disneyland Resort on hiatus beginning 2018.

Significantly for Walt Disney World runners, the Coast to Coast challenges and medals, including the Kessel Run, will not be available during this time.

Disney said in a statement on the runDisney site:

Given the level of construction to support the ongoing Disneyland Resort expansion, we have been working hard to determine how we can continue providing our West Coast participants with the best possible runDisney experience, which is designed around the ability to run throughout our resorts while enjoying entertainment offerings and characters.

After careful consideration and weighing all possibilities, we have made the very difficult decision to place all runDisney race weekends at Disneyland Resort on hiatus beginning in 2018. This includes the associated Coast to Coast Race Challenges.

Anyone who has registered for one of these races will be contacted directly by runDisney today by email and will receive a full refund for registration fees and for any commemorative items they may have purchased.

While news of this hiatus is sad to share, we are so thankful for the magic and memories you have helped create at our race weekends through the years. We look forward to hosting the upcoming Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend at Disneyland Resort November 9-12, and we hope to see many of you there.

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surfsupdonFeb 02, 2019

I know I can go to California for anything...but I really like the runDisney aspect when compared to ‘just’ a Disney weekend. The rest of SoCal is amazing regardless...but I want my runDisney.

GreenlawlerJan 23, 2019

It was just some random dude with runDisney gear on in the coral. He seemed certain and talked like an "insider". I called him out and said some of the things discussed on the forums before, however this guy swore it was all taken care of and the races were "in fact" coming back. So I asked here......guess that guy was full of "kakah"

Texas84Jan 22, 2019

LAKid53Jan 22, 2019

Was that from runDisney staff? I don't believe the Anaheim politics have changed...the cancelled hotel construction being an example. While that cancelled project will no longer impact staging and start/finish areas, there's still the issue with obtaining permits from the City allowing races through City streets. I understand residents weren't happy to have their neighborhood roads closed.

GreenlawlerJan 22, 2019

Heard at WDW Marathon weekend that DL races were coming back in 2020? Anyone else hear this? Will they continue legacy runners?

Chet DakotaJan 03, 2019

Anyone have thoughts on the return of Light Side in 2020? SWGE will be open. What is the latest on Anaheim politics?

LAKid53Sep 23, 2018

Without the run past the stinky "river".

RunningKoenSep 23, 2018

As I said in the DLP topic already: things improved this year. The Magic Run Weekend is now a worthy replacement of a Disneyland weekend.

DznyGrlSDSep 20, 2018

ugh....every time this thread gets bumped I'm hoping there is (good) news. Now that I'm a doing 2 rD events at WDW I really want to do them at DL. Please bring them back!!!

GreenlawlerSep 19, 2018

Our plan is 2019 for DLP

SwissmissSep 18, 2018

@Greenlawler @Texas84 : there is always DLP in late September 😉

Texas84Sep 18, 2018

Same here, but I miss Light Side more. Faster course, better weather.

GreenlawlerSep 18, 2018

Was I the only one depressed over Labor Day missing the DL half weekend?

RunningKoenAug 20, 2018

It looks like the elections early november will be the first part that determines the fate of the Disneyland Races. In 2020, the city council will change again, if I understand the Anaheim politics correctly, so that will also be very important for the future of the Disneyland races.