Club runDisney is a new membership program offering benefits at runDisney events

Jan 07, 2020 in "Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend"

Posted: Tuesday January 7, 2020 11:36am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

runDisney is introducing a new membership program for runners called Club runDisney, priced between $265 and $798 depending on membership level.

Club runDisney will offer three different one-year-long membership levels – Silver, Gold, and Platinum – featuring a range of special benefits that will run from October 1, 2020 to September 30, 2021.

All Club runDisney members will receive a welcome package including an exclusive jacket, and will have access to the lowest race registration pricing all year, a new Virtual 10K in Fall 2020 that is exclusively for Club runDisney members, and special Club runDisney designation on race bibs during on-site events. All of these benefits are included with a Silver Membership priced at $265.43.

Gold Membership (priced at $478.63) will include these perks, along with early registration access with a guaranteed spot in the half marathon or marathon distance each race weekend.

Platinum Membership (priced at $798.43) will have all of these benefits, plus early registration with a guaranteed spot in one distance each race weekend; upgraded corral placement; and an exclusive Expo experience with early admittance to the runDisney Merchandise Shop, a special character meet and greet, and access to a Club runDisney Lounge with expedited race packet pick-up.

Club runDisney memberships will go on sale on Tuesday February 18, 2020 at 10 am ET, just prior to the start of the Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend. To find out more, visit

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uncle jimmyApr 24, 2024

Congrats on your 100th runDisney medal!! I haven't had much luck in the lotteries either. Saw on fb someone mentioned they were told at the expo by cast-member club renewals would start sometime this summer, anyone else hear anything?

RteetzApr 24, 2024

Boston does not have a lottery, only qualifying time or charity. Of the majors Chicago is said to be the easiest of the lotteries to get in. Even then tho it's not easy. I have entered Chicago 4 times via lottery and not gotten in. I finally did charity for that one last year. Much like runDisney, even the majors are getting more popular. I believe applicants for every major went up by large amounts this past year.

RteetzApr 24, 2024

I suggest trying the NYC Virtual to get guaranteed entry. You can run a live marathon as your NYC virtual to count it as well. I did the virtual in 2020 to get entry for 2021. Worked out well that year because of Covid but still.

uncle jimmyApr 18, 2024

Will you be running Philly's full in Nov?

the.dreamfinderApr 17, 2024

I try every year. Unlike the regular lottery, it’s free to lose, but expensive if you win!

uncle jimmyApr 17, 2024

I knew it was low to how many got in, but I was way off. wow! Are you going to try next year? As running continues to gains newer runners and more popularity I wonder about other races and if they've seen increase in registrations.

the.dreamfinderApr 17, 2024

It was NYC Marathon, 165,000 applied (me included!) and only 4% got in. (Credit card was happy to not be charged over $300) Now, of course, NYC Marathon has like four or five kinds of runners, from time qualifiers to members of NYRR who do the 9+1 program and charity runners. There aren’t many lottery slots with how that system is set up.

DznyGrlSDApr 17, 2024

I know nothing. Those decisions are made WAY above my pay grade

Surferboy567Apr 17, 2024

I think switching to a lottery system is a mistake. Part of the appeal of runDisney is that it is not a lottery,

LAKid53Apr 17, 2024

I think races sell out faster in anniversary years. And long time participants won't be happy if rD switches to a lottery system like Boston, NYC, Chicago or other majors. I'm pretty sure they are gathering data based on the address of each registrant and affiliate memberships. They don't even bother to take photos of those running the challenges anymore. I was shocked that no one checked my bib when I finished a challenge to make sure I actually finished both races. Why bother putting a timing chip on the back of your bib if you're not going to be verified?

uncle jimmyApr 17, 2024

For every race weekend to sell out within 2 hours of opening leads one to believe the demand for these races are high and remain high. Which I'm curious about if rD knows what their actual demand is for their race weekends from the # of IP addresses in queue. Was it NY or Boston that had 100,000 people enter the lottery this year and only 20% got in? The preordering I totally agree with and it seems like they're getting better with the offerings. The resellers, I can't remember but did rD start putting limits on stuff yet? I never can find my size in anything I like, goes figure that everyone likes it too.

LAKid53Apr 17, 2024

For one, rD races aren't Boston, NYC or Chicago. Is the Marathon still a qualifier for the big 3? Agree that both bib and shirt pickup need improvement. Frankly, ALL rD race merchandise should be preorder for those registered. Perhaps that will stop all the resellers. It would be nice to not fight the crowds to pick up an "I did it" shirt for each race. Any leftover merchandise after race weekend can go on the general Shop Disney website, as it has in the past.

uncle jimmyApr 17, 2024

So on the note of registration, I foresee changes happening maybe in the future for general signups. Currently club members no longer receive an email link to register but the link becomes active in our account day/time of sign ups. If rD has figured out the tech to do that for their club what's stopping them from doing a lottery like Boston and NYC and putting links in every ones account who gained access from the lottery. I totally agree on the expo and merch to be better, I've never bought anything and I want to buy things.

surfsupdonApr 17, 2024

I don’t doubt Disney for ClubrD or for making changes. It’s literally their way of making money for doing not much of anything. They don’t care about the majority of Guests, so pay to play and we will make your experience “better.” Disney should make registration better. Disney should make expo and merchandise better, more streamlined. Runners should train and earn their corral placement. Disney be better!!! Don’t charge for doing what you should do!!! And I’m not bitter at all- I’ve had success registering, buying merchandise, and participating/running since 2006. Clearly I love this branch. Grrrrr. Just frustrates me they prey on people to pay this money to get benefits that should be expected.