2017 Walt Disney World Half Marathon cancelled due to weather

Jan 07, 2017 in "Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend"

Posted: Saturday January 7, 2017 7:48pm EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has just announced that due to weather conditions, all runDisney events on Saturday January 7 2017 have been cancelled.

Below is the full statement from Disney. 

In an abundance of caution, the Walt Disney World Resort has cancelled all running events on Saturday, Jan. 7, 2017 due to weather conditions. This includes the Walt Disney World Half Marathon and the Disney Kids Races. In addition, the runDisney Health & Fitness Expo will delay opening until 11 a.m. While we share our Guests’ obvious disappointment, the safety of our Guests and Cast is most important. Weather tracking has indicated there is an elevated risk of lightning in the area of the racecourse. In addition, there are sections of the course that do not provide immediate access to shelter. Both of these factors have influenced this difficult decision.

All registered half marathon runners will receive their half marathon medal and may choose from one of the following options:

  • A full refund for their race registration in the form of a Disney gift card.
  • Two One-Day Park Hopper tickets.
  • Defer registration to another runDisney half marathon race in the U.S. within the next 24 months, subject to availability.
  • We can offer limited availability to run the full marathon on Sunday, Jan. 8, 2017 during the regularly scheduled race.

All registered runDisney Kids Race runners will receive their Kids Race medal and a full race registration in the form of a Disney gift card.

Details on the fulfillment of the above options will be communicated by 10 p.m. this evening.

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Ariel484Jan 15, 2017

Same, and yet...:bored:

GeorgeJan 15, 2017

As a runner who has run races (both normal and adventure - Spartan and Tough Mudder), I've spent several minutes thinking about this important issue. Some caveats - I've never signed up for anything that has been cancelled, I've never not finished the race, and I've done two Disney Runs (the Tower of Terror Ten Miler and the Castaway Cay thing which I would've forgotten about if it wasn't for Mr. @EOD K9 above). Anyway, I know that if I didn't finish a race, I wouldn't want the medal. This is becoming increasingly more likely as I get older and my "bite off more than I can chew" personality remains intact. However, if I trained for something and I paid for it, I would at least want the medal. It is not my fault the race was cancelled, most medals have the year on them, etc. The only possible "moral" drawback from this that I can think of is this - "Person signs up to run race, race is cancelled, medal is obtained, medal is displayed prominently on fireplace mantle, claim is made that cancelled race was run in a borderline world record time"...I don't think most people would do this...the race being cancelled in Florida for weather reasons is actually a pretty good anecdote assuming the medals were actually displayed and not tucked away in a drawer for future recycling when you retire to a smaller abode since the kids are gone and god knows you don't want to dust anymore. I certainly can't think of a reason to be all grumpy about it. If you're going to make a point, please don't exaggerate. It is 99 43/100ths of the time.

EOD K9Jan 15, 2017

Slight thread-jack. I've run the Castaway Cay 5K numerous times just to get the plastic "winner" medal. Last year we couldn't dock that day due to weather. When we checked in they gave us the new rubber medal anyway. That afternoon was an at sea day and did 5K on the treadmill. Does that count as still running? Turns out they were able to get us in two days later. As you can see though, I ride and don't run.

Ariel484Jan 15, 2017

Right now runDisney staff is at the Light Side event in a California, so I'm guessing you won't get a response to phone calls/emails until they're back from that. Wine & Dine is selling slowly so far (at least that's my guess since AP/DVC registrations haven't filled yet.)

Ariel484Jan 15, 2017

Freudian slip ;)

Ariel484Jan 15, 2017

It's not just runDisney that doesn't do refunds if a race is canceled. It's very common - industry practice, I think - to not refund race registrations if weather delays or cancels a race. As I said before, we (including Kamikaze) are aware of this BEFORE the events happen.* We agree to these terms at registration and they are clearly outlined in the race program and on runDisney's website. I received a $180 gift card from them on Friday. That is more than I expected and I am impressed by them doing this. *assuming you actually READ the terms...

kbowserJan 13, 2017

Has anyone had a chance today to call for details on registration transfer? My apologies if this has already been expressed in the thread, but does anyone have any thoughts on how transferring your race registration to the Wine & Dine this fall will impact those who have to register for the half marathon beginning on the 17th next week? Will spots be more limited?

NothingRhymeswithOrangeJan 10, 2017

My wife and I ran the Wine and Dine half 2 years ago in the pouring rain. Were completely drenched afterwards but didn't care because it was so fun. Feel bad for the people who couldn't run this race. Highly recommend doing run disney races if anyone hasn't already and might be on the fence about it. Loved every single one I've done and they made my wife and I fall in love with running.

Disneyhead'71Jan 10, 2017

A pretty cold Disneyhead'71 and my delightful reporter Christina Jensen.

21stampsJan 09, 2017

Found the results. Nice! I didn't realize the kid's races were cancelled too. That stinks. A bit difficult for a child to accept. Kudos to any kids who trained as well! Hopefully they were in the groups running at resorts! http://www.orlandosentinel.com/sports/os-sp-2017-disney-world-marathon-results-20170108-story,amp.html

Tony the TiggerJan 09, 2017

Works for males also!

HakunamatataJan 09, 2017

My wife tells me that that means "go eff yourself" in the feminine vernacular. :cautious:

TiggerishJan 09, 2017

Whatever. :rolleyes:

ravenJan 09, 2017

Ah, one of my fans! :D