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Aug 25, 2014 in "Villains Unleashed"

Posted: Monday August 25, 2014 6:32am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Saturday night saw the very first Villains Unleashed hard ticketed after-hours event at Disney’s Hollywood Studios with over 50 fan favorite villains taking over the park.

The 5 hour event began with a near 12,000 guests entering the park for the on-stage welcome by Hades and Meg. The 20 minute show introduced all 50 villains, with many of them making an onstage appearance.

Over at The Theater of the Stars, normally the home of Beauty and the Beast, things took on a very different tone. For one night only, the theater became home to Oogie Boogie’s Freaky Fun House. Sword Swallowing, fire eating, and cross-bow stunts were all part of the 30 minutes show - hosted by Oogie Boogie himself.

The Hollywood Brown Derby became Club Evil for the night, breaking away from the usual table service restaurant to become a self-seating lounge for the night. The Queen of Hearts visited diners, along with musical interludes by songstress Tortella.

Fans of Guardians of the Galaxy got to meet Star-Lord and Gamora at the Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Tape dance Party, taking place in the Disney Jr stage in the Animation Courtyard.

Villain character meet and greets took place throughout the park, with sets along Sunset Blvd, Star Tours area, and the Streets of America. Some of the most popular locations saw lines closing early in the night, with 3 hour waits not uncommon.

Hades Hangout on the Sorcerer Hat stage was rocking with the house band Brimstone, alternating sets with DJ Igg Nite.

The night came to a close with Maleficent hosting Villainy in the Sky fireworks spectacular at 12:45am.

We’ve got lots more photos from Villains Unleashed in the gallery - so be sure to check it out.

So what did we think of the event? Here is a quick rundown.


  • The excellent Villainy in the Sky fireworks show served as a fitting finale to the event.
  • Walt Disney World entertainment cast members put on great performances as always.
  • Chance to meet some rare characters - albeit with some very long lines.
  • Oogie Boogie's Freaky Fun House was a change of pace from normal Disney entertainment and offered something with a  little edge.
  • Parking process was smooth, with none of the traffic issues of previous Studios events.


  • Long lines for characters meant hours of the 5 hour event were spent in line.
  • Guide maps were unavailable for guests arriving at around 7pm, causing confusion at the turnstiles.
  • The Fantastmic! pre-show was not worth the time and perhaps should not have been highlighted as part of the event.
  • Club Evil at the Brown Derby was near-impossible to get a seat due to open seating and guests camping out at tables all night.
  • Merchandise ran out very early at the event.
  • A lot of guests walking around with alcohol who had clearly had a little too much, created an un-Disney atmosphere at times.
  • The park felt very crowded and oversold for a special event.
  • More shows were required to give more guests a chance to see something outside of the character meet and greets that had extremely long lines.

Did you attend Villains Unleashed? Leave your thoughts on the forum.

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wendysueSep 05, 2014

Apologies....It's still wrong to charge extra for ANY debacle..:greedy:

asianwaySep 03, 2014

Wrong thread this is about the DHS villain debacle, not the MNSSHP villain debacle.

wendysueSep 03, 2014

I read a review from another place on this. It was NOT good. The man said that not only did he feel he "wasted" his money, but it took time away from riding the rides and trick or treating for candy and other fun. Won't be wasting money on it. Disney is getting ridiculous with the extra charge for everything.

Matt_BlackSep 03, 2014

asianwaySep 03, 2014

One bear to rule them all

CaptainShorttySep 03, 2014

All I'll say is he wasn't allowed to attend the evenings festivities. He was originally on the proposed list.

Tori427Sep 03, 2014

Lol yeah, that was probably my selfie collage. The guy is awesome, let me take a selfie with him real quick and then others lined up after. I had seen him at the 24 hr event getting his picture with Lotso and we thought he was fantastic! He should work for Disney, just show up as Stinky Pete everyday!

Matt_BlackAug 29, 2014

Tell him I saw some photos and he did an amazing job!

PhotoDave219Aug 29, 2014

I've befriended a few in entertainment. I always let them reach out to me. If they dont, then thats how it is.

PhotoDave219Aug 29, 2014

That was a very good friend of mine.

Next Big ThingAug 29, 2014

Was probably the same Stinky Pete that was at the 24 Hour Disney event. There was a guest dressed as him there that looked 100% authentic. We thought he worked for Disney.

asianwayAug 28, 2014

I agree, but it does reach a point of being unhealthy. I see people going to see certain ones multiple times a week on social media, and I don't think it's their friends. The absolute craziest thing I saw once was in Tokyo. A twenty something girl grabbed Donald's arm and would not let go. Security had to escort them both off stage.

drew81Aug 28, 2014

I kind of relate the thing about adults seeing characters to wrestling. Wrestling fans know it's scripted and storylines are fake. They still go and watch and enjoy it. It's not like the wrestler characters exist in real life. They enjoy seeing the wrestlers and/or meeting them at the airport *cough CM Punk cough*. Those fans still go and spend millions of dollars on entertainment even though they know it is not real. Disney character fans enjoy meeting the characters. I would say for most it is the memory of meeting a favorite from their favorite movie or meeting a character that is very hard to meet or see. If someone isn't to that, that is fine. Some are and find it to be fun almost like a scavenger hunt.

merry68Aug 28, 2014

It was a guest. We saw him outside of Disney Jr, he was very convincing even more so in person.