Disney unveils its first Walt Disney World 50th anniversary commercial

May 28, 2021 in "Walt Disney World Resort 50th Anniversary Celebration - The World’s Most Magical Celebration"

The World's Most Magical Celebration overview
Posted: Friday May 28, 2021 9:02am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has today unveiled its first commercial for the upcoming 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World beginning October 1 2021.

The commercial features the 'Beacons of Magic' that will transform each of the Disney World theme park icons after dark, and in addition includes 18 hidden Easter eggs - the glass slipper from Cinderella and the Enchanted Rose from Beauty and the Beast.

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Figments Friend1 hour ago

Gettin' closer... I arrive on Property for the 50th festivities in a week. I will have plenty of fun art postcards to give away to fellow fans attending the fun on October 1st at MK ( meet up location to be announced soon ). :) For those planning on arriving early to MK on the 1st- MK opens at 7:30am for Resort Guests. That means the first buses should start rolling at 6:30am from the Resorts, am I recalling correctly? Expect a huge mass of people waiting to enter the gates when you arrive. Please behave like adults...this is going to be a special day for many and nobody wants to deal with 'stupid guest tricks'. Also, come prepared - I've said it before, but it bears repeating : Bring your own snacks / light food with you as any counter service location /food cart will likely have mile long lines. All table service locations are booked solid last I was aware, and mobile ordering might be tricky that day. Just save yourself ( and your tummy ) from the stress and frustration. You have been warned in advance! ;) I want to say that there may be a slim chance the gates might open earlier...depending on how the crowds decend in the morning. This has happened at other times in the past, but don't plan your morning based on that info since I can in no means confirm that. Just basing the thought on what I've observed and heard of happening at past events / openings. Like many, I am hoping for some cool surprises to take place that day. Sure hope some kind of acknowledgment is planned...i would like to think so. No matter what happens, I can with full confidence say this will indeed be a memorable experience for those that will be there that day. Both for Cast and Guest. Wether that turns out to be epicly awesome, somewhat lackluster, or a chaotic cluster will depend on your own personal experiences and opinions. Looking forward to it all....the good, the bad, the magical, and the ugly. -

raymusiccity1 hour ago

It's a shame that they've missed a 'golden' opportunity to make use of the actual theater behind those walls. It would have been neat to go into the theater and see a special film looping opening scenes from 1971 WDW. (Back in the day, it was an actual 'attraction' : 25 cent 'B Ticket' !! )

Cesar R M3 hours ago

backtrack to the page prior to this one. I posted a video and all the comments were related to the crowds shown in the video.

JohnD5 hours ago

If I were to guess, TOT is unique to Disney. The Chinese Theatre is not. The real one is in Hollywood, CA.

JohnD5 hours ago

Grr. I already ordered an HM themed band. Guess I'll have to pay more at WDW next week if I really want one. (I like the first version the best.)

JohnD5 hours ago

What video where?

Cesar R M6 hours ago

If you see the rest of the video. The line increased exponentially and was probably slowed to a crawl. Only the front area was consistently being served. I imagine the back ones were for cast members and executives.

wedenterprises6 hours ago

I can't wait for WDW to host an opening event one day and say "no cameras allowed" ha! I can't stand vloggers.

JohnD7 hours ago

I was thinking the opposite. Let the bloggers and vloggers wake up at 3am and get there first. I'll still get there in the morning. But was thinking about 9am after the initial rush.

Chicken Guy8 hours ago

How tone-deaf.

Vinnie Mac9 hours ago

Was just showing my parents that video to show them the insanity of the crowds. That one poor cast member... She literally had to talk to them like they were school children saying "walk don't run" LOL!

Cesar R M9 hours ago

Lol at those crowds. also.. cavaaaageees.. in spaaaace

montyz819 hours ago

Wouldn't it be great if they brought back the old-time pictures? The ones where you are standing at the back of a steam train with period-correct cloths. I had one of those pictures taken in 1981. I can't remember where that was. It may have been down Main St a bit more.

Wngo9059 hours ago

Here is a novel concept of an idea…. How about they convert this space to….. I dont know…. A CINEMA?!?! Lol. I know, i know… going back to showing cartoons in this space takes away from Uncle Bobs master plan of Merch, Merch, Merch. I still remember the cinema as a little boy. I also remember the day I was waiting for MK to open past the hub and going in the Magic Shop on the other side of Main Street. I purchased a fake cast for my arm.