ABC to air Walt Disney World 50th anniversary TV special - 'The Most Magical Story on Earth: 50 Years of Walt Disney World'

Aug 26, 2021 in "Walt Disney World Resort 50th Anniversary Celebration - The World’s Most Magical Celebration"

Posted: Thursday August 26, 2021 12:04pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has just announced that "The Most Magical Story on Earth: 50 Years of Walt Disney World" television special will air on ABC October 1 2021, and later on Disney+.

Hosted by Disney Legend Whoopi Goldberg, the show will take you on a journey spanning half a century and beyond at Walt Disney World in Florida. The show will also feature visuals and musical performances from Christina Aguilera and Halle Bailey in front of the Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom Park. Throughout the special, you’ll see exclusive interviews with iconic actors, actresses and athletes, Walt Disney World cast members, Disney Imagineers and executives past and present who have all played their unique part in sprinkling pixie dust over "The Most Magical Place on Earth."

This EARidescent special event will take viewers through Walt Disney World’s humble beginnings in the swamplands of Florida and its evolution into a cultural phenomenon. Through an expansive look into the past, present and future of the vacation destination, footage never before seen on television will give fans a glimpse into the journey to bring Walt’s vision to life and a look at plans for the future. The special will also spotlight some of Walt Disney World’s most memorable pop-culture moments, from the many sitcoms that filmed episodes in the theme parks to the conception of the ubiquitous “I’m going to Disney World!” campaign. Plus, viewers will get a heartwarming look at how Disney and Make-A-Wish foundation have worked together for over 40 years to make kids’ Disney dreams come true.

Celebrities including Anthony Anderson, John Stamos, Marsai Martin, Gary Sinise, Melissa Joan Hart and Candace Cameron Bure; NFL athletes Tom Brady, Phil Simms and Doug Williams, and creative forces Kevin Feige, Pete Docter and James Cameron; Walt Disney World Imagineers including Bob Weis, Mark Kohl and Ann Morrow Johnson; and Disney executives past and present including Bob Chapek, Bob Iger and Michael Eisner, will all share their favorite memories of Walt Disney World.

"The Most Magical Story on Earth: 50 Years of Walt Disney World" airs Friday, Oct. 1 8-10 p.m. ET on ABC. It can also be viewed the next day on demand and on Hulu, and later in the month on Disney+.

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brb1006Aug 30, 2022

An hour long interview with Ron Logan from October of last year (when WDW's 50th Anniversary kicked off) was posted today after news of his passing. It's a very good watch for those curious about him. In this video, he talks about the development of Spectromagic from his perspective.

kevlightyearAug 30, 2022

I know you were joking, but I think it would be amazing to use fiber optics for their christmas lights. Completely impractical from many perspectives, BUT.... they wouldn't have to spend to install/uninstall them every year, they'd last basically forever and how much more of a wow factor could you get?

LittleBufordAug 30, 2022

I’d be happy with just the existing Dream Lights, but yes, an upgrade would be all the better!

yensidtlaw1969Aug 30, 2022

Honestly, it's high time Disney got its act together and followed suit of the DL Castle treatment for WDW, with its snowy false-roofs that conceal the wiring for the lights and make the Castle look fittingly festive both at night AND in the daytime. The icicles could use work, but they're still an improvement over the bare WDW Castle Dreamlights. I'm sure they won't do it, but how magical would it be to see Cinderella Castle with snow drifts on its towers like this?

networkproAug 30, 2022

Plastic so they can rinse and reuse. Upcharge for first use of the day.

networkproAug 30, 2022

Grocery store... its under Hormel.

HauntedPirateAug 30, 2022

Just drill holes in the castle, install LED pucks, call them “seamless”… voila!!

mnelson3Aug 29, 2022

Surely not going to happen but they should do what they did with SSE, though smaller lights.

Brer PantherAug 29, 2022

That wasn't the one I got. I think it was just called an "Unbirthday Shake" or something like that.

brb1006Aug 29, 2022

ToTBellHopAug 29, 2022

I know. I had said sit-downs. They could start serving champagne on MSUSA like at DLP and the DE complaints would end…

Brer PantherAug 29, 2022

Actually, the smoothie I got was non-alcoholic.

ToTBellHopAug 29, 2022

They started serving booze in the sit-downs so we’d stop noticing sight-lines.

Brer PantherAug 29, 2022

Well, if nothing else, the Mad Hatter smoothie thing I got in Fantasyland was tasty...