Disney World and Snapchat will virtually transform Cinderella Castle with your PhotoPass images via augmented reality

May 20, 2021 in "Walt Disney World Resort 50th Anniversary Celebration - The World’s Most Magical Celebration"

Disney PhotoPass x Snap
Posted: Thursday May 20, 2021 1:41pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney and Snap are joining forces to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World with special Snapchat lenses in an augmented reality experience.

Using the My Disney Experience app, you’ll be able to place your favorite image captured by Disney PhotoPass photographers on Cinderella Castle with augmented reality. Look through your camera lens in the app and you’ll see a mosaic of special moments shared by Disney World guests to celebrate the 50th. You can also share your memory with your friends and family, and the next time you return during the 18-month 50th Celebration, your photo will be there waiting for you.

Disney also says that there is more to come ahead of the 18 month celebration beginning October 1 2021.

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MansionButler8417 minutes ago

The restroom in Germany is always immaculate. Shhh.

Cesar R M34 minutes ago

Except everyone kinda was.. People just dragged and said "oh its another false alarm" then things went to crap. The first big call was the rise of the N1H1 Flu. Now we got a repeat of the spanish flu where everyone comes with random excuses to not get vaccinated.

monothingie49 minutes ago

They’re too busy building a park.

monothingie50 minutes ago

Genie+ allows priority access to the good re$troom$.

MisterPenguin52 minutes ago

Your move, Uni!

UNCgolf57 minutes ago

This is an absolute game changer.

brb100658 minutes ago

Pixiedusters after digesting almost anything 50th related without any criticism.

BaymaxFan1 hour ago

After digesting the EARidescent cupcakes, that toilet paper won't be the only thing sparkling.

MansionButler841 hour ago

I understand they also intend to provide toilet paper all 18 months. I’m digging to see if it will be Earidescent.

BaymaxFan1 hour ago

I guess it's just the cheapening effect. The room doesn't feel like a Contemporary resort room to me, it feels like the nickelodeon hotel with decals. I think it's just a personal thing, I hate it when they put IPs into things.

MisterPenguin1 hour ago

Maybe that's jt's new Twitter account!!

brb10061 hour ago

Nothing wrong Penguin, it's only a matter of time until he suddenly joins this site making similar statements.

MisterPenguin1 hour ago

Is he someone important? Why are people taking the hot takes of some rando on the internet with only 1,500 followers and plopping them into our forums? People want back up for their opinions? A straw man to knock down? It's like when someone posts a video of someone ranting for 20 minutes because they agree with them, and they have like 200 followers. @brb1006! 😁]

HauntedPirate1 hour ago

I think this is his reaction to any Disney announcement: