VIDEO - Walt Disney World Resort 50th Anniversary Celebration plans to be unveiled

Feb 19, 2021 in "Walt Disney World Resort 50th Anniversary Celebration - The World’s Most Magical Celebration"

Posted: Friday February 19, 2021 8:43pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has this evening announced that it will unveil plans for the Walt Disney World Resort 50th Anniversary Celebration on Friday February 19 2021.

The first details will be released tomorrow, on both Good Morning America and the official Disney Parks Blog.

Released today is a teaser video that offers a glimpse of some of the plans. Most notable is a look at the Cinderella Castle overlay, and some new lighting effects for Spaceship Earth.

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Dan Deesnee2 minutes ago

I remember hearing a long while back that it was just for the 50th. God I hope so...

Animaniac93-982 minutes ago

That's because they're advertising "Disney" (or Star Wars and Pixar). They want you to go to WDW because you like Disney+ and the Disney brand, not what the resort actually has to offer. They're not selling WDW...which is weird because that's the thing that's celebrating its anniversary.

Cmdr_Crimson20 minutes ago

Wow, this looks so unimpressive...It looks like the Holiday shows to me..

MagicHappens197143 minutes ago

I don't disagree. Maybe they'll relocate them to the grassy areas by Tomorrowland where they have the Mickey & Minnie topiaries during Christmas time, or closer the Hub Grass but I think they'll probably at least keep Mickey & Minnie around.

Supernova2 hours ago

Not sure if this has been posted

Father Robinson2 hours ago

Any update from the insiders about whether or not we're stuck with this salmon color past the anniversary celebration?

Cmdr_Crimson3 hours ago

What I really wish they could have done is brought back Erin Cahill and the HCOE group Yes and also Luke for this Year's 50TH Since they did It for DL's 50th..By far still the best travel planner they did..

mickeyfan2024 hours ago

@brb1006 I love those 25th ads you posted! As a Disney Fan starting in 1974, I wish Disney still valued me. I just don't feel the love as much.

brb10065 hours ago

I loved how WDW's 25th Anniversary ads and promotional material felt genuine. It makes me wish the same people behind those ads would had been brought back for WDW's 50th Birthday. This ad showing footage of past and present visitors to WDW between the 70s, 80s and up to it's then present year (1996) Complete with actual home video footage. This commercial aimed at adult Disney fans who aren't afraid of acting like a kid again. And especially this ad focusing on a family who won't go to WDW unless their baby is able to walk. You don't see modern Disney making ads like that anymore. The closest modern Disney got to the level as WDW's 25th Anniversary ads was for Disneyland's 60th Anniversary back in 2015. Disneyland even uploaded videos set to "Forever Young" (Disneyland's 60th Anniversary Theme Song) focused on longtime Disneyland visitors to their Disney Parks Channel but making them private a few years ago. "One Kiss" was focused on a couple talking about getting their first kiss at Disneyland "The Golden Grannies" was focused on three elderly grandmothers talking about their experience when Disneyland first opened back in the 50s. Finally, "The Winner" was focused on a middle-aged man talking about being the winner of a contest making him the first guest to ever visit Disneyland on opening day. I remember watching all three of those short videos when they were available and loved how they focused on their favorite memories and experiences of Disneyland.

Dan Deesnee5 hours ago

You have to remember that Disneyland is a very different park from Walt Disney World. They pull a huge, huge local audience out there. Nowhere near the number of out-of-state/faraway tourists that WDW brings in therefore it makes more sense for them to lean into the legacy as far more of their guests have been going their entire life, with higher frequency.

Rlevy336637 hours ago

Spot on. There’s no heart here.

Sir_Cliff7 hours ago

This isn't about the Cinderella castle banners (which I think are fine and appropriate), but I do find it interesting to watch this celebration come together and see how little they are leaning into nostalgia for WDW itself. This is very different from Disneyland which seems hyper aware of its heritage and all the deep feelings the resort evokes in people. They also seem quite good and curating and celebrating aspects of it like the 1950s/60s era architecture and design. Part of the reason all the marketing around the WDW 50th celebration has left me cold so far is that it all just kind of seems like a normal advertising campaign without especially tugging at the strings of nostalgia. There are new gimmicks like character statues, new shows and attractions opening, and a tagline about Magical something something, but nothing that I've seen so far that really gives a sense of WDW as a place with a history to which millions of people feel a deep connection. Very different from the whole "Remember the Magic" theme of the 25th.

ohioguy8 hours ago

The Castle is THE symbol for the entire Resort.....

ohioguy8 hours ago

I'm thinking the same thing, plus the rest of the "Big 8". I don't see the other 42 statues being maintained, but certainly the Disney legacy characters can remain a part of the hub.