Disney unveils new Walt Disney World 50th anniversary Cast Member name tags

May 18, 2021 in "Walt Disney World Resort 50th Anniversary Celebration - The World’s Most Magical Celebration"

Posted: Tuesday May 18, 2021 9:06am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney World's Cast Member's will be receiving new name tags for the 50th anniversary Celebration beginning October 1 2021 featuring pearlescent shimmer and holographic gold foil.

A team of graphic artists and costume designers spent more than a year developing the new nametag, testing a number of colors and printing techniques before completing the final design. The new nametags feature several special details:

  • An exclusive color wash, inspired by the sparkling new 50th anniversary looks for Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, was developed and applied with an innovative printing technique and glaze to give each nametag a pearlescent shimmer.

  • Holographic gold foil with sparkling color-shift elements is individually applied to each nametag, bringing additional shine to the Walt Disney World Resort 50th anniversary logo.

  • Royal blue lettering matching the turrets of Cinderella Castle brings a regal pop of color to the nametag, ensuring each cast member name and hometown is a focal point against the glistening background.

The new EARidescent nametags will debut later this year, in time for the Oct 1 start of “The World’s Most Magical Celebration.” 

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monothingie15 minutes ago

They’re too busy building a park.

monothingie15 minutes ago

Genie+ allows priority access to the good re$troom$.

MisterPenguin17 minutes ago

Your move, Uni!

UNCgolf22 minutes ago

This is an absolute game changer.

brb100624 minutes ago

Pixiedusters after digesting almost anything 50th related without any criticism.

BaymaxFan27 minutes ago

After digesting the EARidescent cupcakes, that toilet paper won't be the only thing sparkling.

MansionButler8428 minutes ago

I understand they also intend to provide toilet paper all 18 months. I’m digging to see if it will be Earidescent.

BaymaxFan30 minutes ago

I guess it's just the cheapening effect. The room doesn't feel like a Contemporary resort room to me, it feels like the nickelodeon hotel with decals. I think it's just a personal thing, I hate it when they put IPs into things.

MisterPenguin30 minutes ago

Maybe that's jt's new Twitter account!!

brb100631 minutes ago

Nothing wrong Penguin, it's only a matter of time until he suddenly joins this site making similar statements.

MisterPenguin35 minutes ago

Is he someone important? Why are people taking the hot takes of some rando on the internet with only 1,500 followers and plopping them into our forums? People want back up for their opinions? A straw man to knock down? It's like when someone posts a video of someone ranting for 20 minutes because they agree with them, and they have like 200 followers. @brb1006! 😁]

HauntedPirate39 minutes ago

I think this is his reaction to any Disney announcement:

James Alucobond40 minutes ago

Are we talking truly contemporary or in keeping with the ongoing mid-century modern remodel of the Contemporary Resort? If the former, that’s a moving target. If the latter, both spaces absolutely pull from the same design lexicon. The execution of the IP-related details in the rooms just has a cheapening effect.

brb100641 minutes ago

His followup isn't helping.