Star Wars Weekends events now available with FastPass+

May 06, 2014 in "Star Wars Weekends"

Posted: Tuesday May 6, 2014 10:41am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Certain events during Star Wars Weekends are now available for FastPass+ during Star Wars Weekends.

For the first weekend, available show are: Behind the Force - Star Wars: Rebels, Obi-Wan and Beyond starring James Arnold Taylor, and Stars of the Saga Star Wars Celebrity Talk Show.

The shows are included in tier 1 of the FastPass+ selection group at Disney's Hollywood Studios, which is also the group containing Toy Story Mania, Rock n RollerCoaster and Fantasmic. One selection is available from this group.

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lunchbox1175Aug 21, 2014

We got 5 of them, and they all came fairly quick....hopfully your come soon.

WildflowerAug 21, 2014

Hi there, just wanted to follow up....not sure if you got yours, but my second missing one finally arrived yesterday. Hope yours came as well!! :)

WildflowerJul 23, 2014

Hiya! As a follow up, I called them this morning to see what the story is since both were done at same time. They told me it's not unusual for it to happen this way and to expect it to be another 2-3 weeks before the second figure comes. ::Sigh::

Hyperspace HooplaJul 16, 2014

Stormtrooper. I figured it was the best way to go for the first one. He'll probably want to do the rebel pilot next year.

WildflowerJul 16, 2014

I'll take tired for $500... :) (am really not sure why they put the status of a goofy button on there at all, but..) Thankfully it's my 3yr old's that's missing so in the same boat that way, my 10yr old would have been ticked.

Master YodaJul 16, 2014

Which one did you end up getting?

Hyperspace HooplaJul 16, 2014

Not sure if I'm tired, stupid or both. Thanks. Looks like I'm ready to ship too. Sad, my son's forgotten about it by now.

WildflowerJul 16, 2014

nah, that's for the button they gave you when there. the status should be on the line immediately above that.

Hyperspace HooplaJul 16, 2014

Should I be nervous that mine says "picked up on site"?

WildflowerJul 16, 2014 :) I thought the other shipped this am, but was linking me back to the other (boooo), has shown "Ready to ship out" since 6/17. Trying to be patient as they said up to 8 weeks, but calling if it isn't here by the 28th. Good luck!

Hyperspace HooplaJul 16, 2014

Thanks. Where do you go to check the status?

Ariel1986Jul 14, 2014

We got ours within 3 weeks however one was not us and someone else's figure! We contacted D-Tech and the correct figure was sent within two weeks... We're in the UK I don't know if that makes a difference?

WildflowerJul 14, 2014

We had them done this year for both of our boys on 5/31. Got one in about 3 weeks and the other is still "waiting to be shipped" over 6 weeks after the fact...

Master YodaJul 14, 2014

I did not order one this year but have ordered 2 in the past and they take a while to get to you. I think most of mine came about 12 weeks prior.