Star Wars Galaxy's Edge teasers to be shown at the upcoming Star Wars Galactic Nights

May 15, 2018 in "Star Wars Galactic Nights"

Posted: Tuesday May 15, 2018 4:21pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney will be once again teasing a few more details about the upcoming Star Wars Galaxy's Edge at the upcoming Star Wars Galactic Nights.

The ticketed event at Disney's Hollywood Studios will feature a panel discussion hosted by actor David Collins with Imagineers Scott Trowbridge, Eric Baker, Jon Georges, and Margaret Kerrison. Along with construction updates, the panel will provide more details about the planet Batuu and "other surprises."

Fan-favorite Star Wars actor Warwick Davis will also return as the official Galactic Nights event host. Join Warwick at various appearances throughout the night including a special introduction to the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge panel.

More details about Star Wars Galactic Nights tickets.

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wannabeBelleMay 31, 2018

Star Wars Weekends were always amazing, I miss them!!! Marie

drod1985May 30, 2018

That's a bummer to hear this doesn't live up to SWW. I'm an enormous Star Wars fan but haven't gone to Galactic Nights yet because of the price tag. I'd rather spend that special ticketed event money on MVMCP or NSSH for my son. RIP Star Wars Weekends. Those were some of my favorite memories at WDW. I'm so glad I went for the final year.

Texas84May 30, 2018

Had fun but this thing was a bit of a mess. First of all, Star Wars Weekends was much better and I said that in the survey. The food was great, especially the porg drumstick. Chewy missed out. I couldn't get the viewing package online before the event but it was available during the event. The cashiers could only ring up one voucher food item at a time. The first cashier I encountered thought you could only get one item period then have to go back in line. After I asked a manager-looking type about this the cashier mysteriously disappeared. The lines for food were backed up most of the night. Highlights for me were Troopers in Star Tours, the fan made droids, walk-on TSMM, and the Galaxy's Edge presentation. RnRC was a disappointment. And as always, the CMs were outstanding. Well, except for the one confused cashier.

wdwmagicMay 29, 2018

Great pic!

MovieloverMay 29, 2018

Great pic! Warwick is such a charming individual. He was great to meet.

HauntedMansionFLAMay 29, 2018

Awesome picture. The weather turned out great. I was over at EPCOT :(

stichrulesMay 29, 2018

My wife and I were at Hollywood studios yesterday before the galactic nights started and we came across Warwick Davis and he agreed to do a selfie with us. One of the best things to happen to us

marni1971May 28, 2018

Last night.

spectromagic04May 28, 2018

The current show from the past couple weeks or last night?

marni1971May 28, 2018

The current show is the new format. IMHO for the better. It has comets from the remote launch location. Everything else is rooftop launched.

spectromagic04May 28, 2018

Last night for Galactic Nights they had absolutely no high pyro in the show. Did they officially cut the high pyro again in the show?

THE Monorail LimeMay 28, 2018


JohnDMay 24, 2018

OTOH, the forecast was revised to 90% chance of rain. Well, I'm going anyway with poncho in tow.

Texas84May 24, 2018

And the extra package is sold out.