Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party sold out for December 1

Nov 27, 2017 in "Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party"

Posted: Monday November 27, 2017 7:11am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party at the Magic Kingdom is now sold out for December 1 2017.

So far, November 9, November 26, and December 1 have sold out, although all other remaining dates continue to be available.

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Cousin HuetDec 15, 2017

Yep, there was another guy there with my same gear on but I’m a 6’3 ginger and he isn’t so we wouldn’t be confused. Also a guy with the green version and one with the red that I saw. We got some good pics as the wife and daughter were dressed for the occasion too.

es135Dec 15, 2017

I’ll echo your experience on Space Mountain. I rode both sides this morning and it was definitely my best experience in recent memory. The audio was quite clear and the track didn’t seem as bumpy as usual.

_ZJDec 15, 2017

Was your suit's main color blue? If so I saw you a few times. Crowds were fine. Wristband checking was very aggressive, more than any other party I've been to. I was checked over ten times, from stationary checks to entering restrooms!

Cousin HuetDec 15, 2017

Last night’s party was a very calm affair with walk-on for basically everything.....small wait for SDMT and Peter Pan. Even during the overlap it was nice and there was no chaos. We had a good time as usual and really enjoyed the parade as I always forget that it is a pretty long parade or it seemed to be. The fireworks are ok but it doesn’t blow me away. I’ve seen Hallowishes and Happily Ever After a little over a month ago and those would rank higher. Space Mountain was the best experience I’ve had in a long time and the wife echoed that. Seemed smooth, quite a bit more light in my opinion allowing me to enjoy it more and not feel like I am about to be decapitated. Nice to get back on Splash Mt too as I missed that in October (walk on at 5:50pm). Still feel like SDMT could have been immensely better with one more segment of show scene in there somewhere but love the views and amplified when Holiday lights are on. We always have a good time at the parties with the thin crowds but this was really enjoyable this time. Curious to see how it goes tonight with a sold out situation. We are heading home and catching Star Wars tonight. Good luck to anyone going to the party tonight.

IanDLBZFDec 15, 2017

Tonight’s party is sold out!!!

cjkeatingDec 14, 2017

A lot fo DLP fans crave a MVMCP but I don't think they realise what they are wishing for...

HauntedMansionFLADec 14, 2017

DAK was great tonight because everyone was over at the MK for a non party night.

IanDLBZFDec 14, 2017

Going tomorrow! I've been once last year and this is my second time doing it! Gonna also see Mickey's Most Merriest Celebration for the first time too!

es135Dec 14, 2017

We leave for our trip tomorrow morning and will be at the party Friday night. I’m really looking forward to it!

The Empress LillyDec 14, 2017

I did! Doable crowds, great characters out and about. All seven dwarfs together! They had a massive line, partly owing to their taking their time with a (what I think is the DSM V term) Down Syndrome young girl. Which can easily be a bit saccharine but was absolutely precious to watch. Didn't care much for the cookies and sweets, although I'm a terrible cheapskate so I sought them out regardless. I wish I would've sought out a few more magic shot photographers, I had one taken, and it was fun to find out what was going on. The one with the coloured stick next to Mermaid doing fun stuff I won't spoil. I regret seeking out most of the Tomorrowland entertainment, which was of mixed quality, shall we say. The parade was terrific, albeit very long - although I would not hold that against anybody! Highlight of the evening for me was the Holiday Wishes. I recognise the high production value of HEA, but to me the magic is simply not there. In Wishes it is. So I was ecstatic to see a fireworks show in the MK once again. But you know, I was in DLP last month and the Christmas stuff was of similar quality and quantity, but included in general admission. They didn't close the park late afternoon for four nights a week either. Food for thought.

21stampsDec 14, 2017

Did you enjoy it?

smileDec 13, 2017

ya done got got :hungry:

The Empress LillyDec 13, 2017

I went on a sold out night last week. Crowds were doable. I was forced to give in to the extortion. The MK crowds on the three measly days a week left that you can enjoy the MK without a $100 per person upcharge on your $115 ticket were unbearable, even the first week of December. What a racket.

ToTBellHopDec 13, 2017

Not that it matters but they sold out tonight. Four nights have tickets remaining.