Fewer than 10 nights remain available for Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at Walt Disney World

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Posted: Wednesday September 13, 2023 11:30am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

October 5 and 19 are the latest nights to sell out for Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at Walt Disney World.

Nine nights are still available for purchase: September 28, October 3, 13, 20, 22, 24, 26, 27, 29; November 1.

Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party takes place from August 11 through November 1, 2023. The party begins at 7pm and ends at midnight, with park entry for ticket holders from 4pm. The usual line-up of entertainment returns for 2023, including Mickey's Boo To You Halloween Parade, Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular, and Disney's Not-So-Spooky Spectacular fireworks.


The 2023 Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party event dates are:

  • August: 11 (sold out), 15 (sold out), 18 (sold out), 22 (sold out), 25 (sold out), 29 (sold out)
  • September: 1 (sold out), 4 (sold out), 8 (sold out), 10 (sold out), 12 (sold out), 15 (sold out), 17 (sold out), 19 (sold out), 22 (sold out), 24 (sold out), 26 (sold out), 28, 29 (sold out)
  • October: 1 (sold out), 3, 5 (sold out), 6 (sold out), 9 (sold out), 10 (sold out), 12 (sold out), 13, 15 (sold out), 17 (sold out), 19 (sold out), 202224262729, 31 (sold out)
  • November1

Tickets are now on sale for 2023 Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.


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jrhwdw13 hours ago

Also, it's used in Rainy Night Parade during MNSSHP

Squishy1 day ago

Something interesting, they still decorated the gazebo float despite it not being in BTY anymore.

MisterPenguin2 days ago

DCBaker2 days ago

It appears all dates for Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party have sold out.

networkpro3 days ago

Plenty at Magic Kingdom tonight

BuddyThomas3 days ago

That makes sense.

Ayla3 days ago

So, the vast majority of them are locals.

BuddyThomas3 days ago

That was last Sunday afternoon around 4PM

Ayla3 days ago

This was on a weekend, right?

BuddyThomas3 days ago

They are all at Oogie Boogie Bash in California instead. I’ve already posted this on a few threads but the situation was oppressive.

gerarar4 days ago

The 6pm Tron VQ drop lasted for ~24 mins for tonight's party. For comparison to the usual 6pm drop during the last recent parties on Friday (9/22), Sunday (9/24), and Tuesday (9/26): Note, there is no more EEH anymore on Wednesdays starting this week.

gerarar6 days ago

The 6pm Tron VQ drop lasted for ~2 hours 21 mins for tonight's party. For comparison to the usual 6pm drop during EEH on Wednesday evenings and the last recent parties on Friday (9/22) and Sunday (9/24):

JustInTime7 days ago

Thank you!!

RoadiJeff7 days ago

My wife and I attended the MNSSHP yesterday (9/24). The crowd level was pleasantly lower than the mess we endured for the Mickey's Christmas Party in 2018. We were there from the time the park opened at 9:00am and throughout the day the crowds were not bad. We used Genie+ 5-6 times, which helped with getting through some of the longer standby line waits. I didn't know Genie+ had a limit but around 4:30 it said that we had used the maximum number of Genie+ reservations for the day when we tried for one last ride before the park was closed to regular guests at 6:00pm. I did my magic and got BG #1 for TRON. It was an intense ride, although I thought it was over too fast. It was the only ride throughout the day that I felt a bit of motion sickness for about an hour afterwards. I usually take Dramamine before going to Universal Studios. We were dressed up as Peter Pan and Tinker Bell. We had LOTS of compliments from other guests and cast members about our outfits. We both went all out, down to every last detail of our costumes. The Trick-or-Treat bags were plenty large enough for all the treats they gave out and they gave out a lot of it. Unless someone is mostly just going around to the dozen or so stations and not doing much of the rides they are not going to fill up their bag. Anyway, off to Epcot today and a try at a low number BG for Guardians in a few minutes, so I need to finish this and focus on my microsecond timing. I highly recommend the MNSSHP to anyone who hasn't gone yet. Edit: BTW, I got BG #1 for Guardians. :)