PHOTOS - Halloween decorations at the Magic Kingdom

Sep 09, 2016 in "Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party"

Magic Kingdom's fall Halloween decorations 2016
Posted: Friday September 9, 2016 1:43pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Fall has arrived at Walt Disney World, and the Magic Kingdom is dressed for Halloween.

Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party is already underway, which you can learn more about here.

Click the gallery for a complete tour of all the Magic Kingdom's Halloween decorations.

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HauntedMansionFLADec 21, 2016

Awesome. Thank you

CheerT1Dec 21, 2016

Yes. Like the other poster said, at the 30 day mark.

Clamman73Dec 21, 2016

Should be, but it will be at the 30 day mark for the off site guests (I'm 1200 miles away from the World and I can currently make fastpasses for up to Jan 20th on my phone) It's treated as if it's a regular day up until 7:00pm for the party night. They might find fast passes that are 3:20-4:20 and then 4:30-5:30 and third one for 5:40-6:40 as an example.

HauntedMansionFLADec 21, 2016

Question for my co-worker: Her family is staying off site but want to go to the party only. Can you get three fast passes during the 4:00 p.m. to 7 p.m. before the actual party starts without being an on site guest?

KuzcotopiaNov 05, 2016

We went on the 31st. It was the best time I ever had at WDW. My seven year old, and us, had an amazing time. I'd do it again for sure.

asianwayNov 05, 2016

It wouldn't surprise me if Disneyland started this given all the scalping

tenchikissNov 05, 2016

Did you buy military tickets? When we do that the military person has to be there and the entire party shows ID. Edit: That is when we BUY the tickets. Because after we buy them we are given a normal ticket to get in.

Pam Hates PenguinsNov 05, 2016

Halloween's over guys! ;)

EUmickeyNov 05, 2016

Because on the last party I gave 2 of our tickets to my cousin and his gf. They got then asked for ID because I wasn't there (we were going an hour later). I thought it was highly unusual but they said they were doing this as a new thing. Thought it was odd as not always the person buying the tickets will be the one attending as people also buy them as gifts?

Nemo14Nov 04, 2016

Question: Why do you ask?

EUmickeyNov 04, 2016

Question: Has anyone been asked to show their ID's when entering the party (ie. showing their tickets) to proof that they were the buyers of the tickets/Proof the ticket purchaser was with the party?

matt clarkOct 20, 2016

just an update.. we as a family have STILL not finished the candy we collected lol. I think we will do this deal again next year even if its the EXACT same. My son now says he wants to do disney EVERY year for his birthday even when he is big lol

mikenatcity1Oct 20, 2016

oh I agree free market, but it's to a point where you have to go to the brokers because they buy most of it up (not saying for this specifically) and jack up the price (we have been told by Disney to go to ebay to buy their things since they don't limit the supplies as much anymore).

jakemanOct 20, 2016

If only there was an option not to purchase the tickets...:cautious: