Is Disney about to announce the return of Halloween party nights at Magic Kingdom?

May 06, 2021 in "Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party"

Posted: Thursday May 6, 2021 8:53am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The official Disney Parks Blog is going to be celebrating "HalfwaytoHalloween" on Friday May 7 and the company is teasing some special announcements.

According to the post, "The #HalfwaytoHalloween fun begins tomorrow morning, May 7! Throughout the day, we’ll be sharing nothing but treats including a special announcement as well as a few “shriek peeks” and some dreadfully delicious dishes."

Mickey's No-So-Scary Halloween Party was cancelled in 2020 due to the pandemic along the Magic Kingdom's other seasonal event, Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party.

Universal Orlando has already announced the return of its Halloween events for 2021, and with continuing reductions in COVID-19 containment measures, Disney may be feeling the timing is right to announce a return of the hugely popular event. 

Of course, conditions may still not allow a return of the full party experience, but Disney could certainly introduce a modified version for 2021. We'll find out tomorrow.

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SaskdwJul 15, 2021

That was the point of my original post.

WannaGoNowJul 15, 2021

Disneyland locals don‘t need our castle to compensate for shortcomings. 😇

ToTBellHopJul 15, 2021

Thumbelina’s Castle is very pretty…but I agree with Hong Kong. Size matters.

RteetzJul 15, 2021

They really should just shut the site down. They clearly don’t want to spend the time dealing with it. They are banning people left and right these days.

ilovetotravel1977Jul 15, 2021

I just served a 10-day full ban from the DIS for posting a news article on Covid that reference Dr. Tam. When I got a warning and I asked if we cannot post articles, I was then banned for "Questioning a Moderator" LOL So laughable, as if I was home sulking in my bedroom about it.

CastAStoneJul 15, 2021

Rteetz is long gone from the Dis too…

SaskdwJul 15, 2021

I meant asking rteetz here on this forum. I wouldn't have wasted my time asking over there. I received many laughable infraction points over the years there. Hilarious that they think anyone cares about getting those points. This forum has much more useful information even though it has less members. I also like that they allow opinions and debating with in reason.

pdude81Jul 15, 2021

The Disneyland forum here gets very angry when you laugh at their "castle"

VJJul 15, 2021

from a certain point of view, i guess you're right

ToTBellHopJul 15, 2021

They just need to build a Castle at Disneyland. I couldn’t believe the centerpiece of the park was trees. Sad. C’mon, Walt.

VJJul 15, 2021

to be completely honest, disneyland's decor is better; wdw's just looks like they strung icicle lights and leds on the castle while disneyland's has more "show"/theming put into it

RteetzJul 15, 2021

Remy knew Jack squat. That place is filled with nobodies.

ilovetotravel1977Jul 15, 2021

Are you on the Canadian boards over on the DIS? Your screen name is familiar.

Jrb1979Jul 15, 2021

One of the better posters over there has been banned too. Remy is Up got kicked out too. He was good insider into some of the FP things.