2021 EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival begins in July

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Disney has today announced the dates for the 2021 EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival.

This year's event begins July 15 and runs through to November 20 2021, which is very similar in length to last year's festival.

Most notably, Disney is not yet assigning it the "Taste of" title, meaning that perhaps we may see  return of a full scale festival for the first time since COVID-19.

We don't yet have many details, beyond seeing a return of Remy’s Ratatouille Hide & Squeak scavenger hunt and the Global Marketplaces, including Canada, Greece, Germany, Hops and Barley, and Appleseed Orchard.

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Article Posted: Mar 31, 2021 / 9:03 am ET
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HauntedPirate9 days ago

I believe the packages sold started Oct 1. IIRC.

TrainChasers9 days ago

You can purchase an egg roll in china year round....

HarperRose9 days ago

There are booths that don't match with any of the countries.

havoc3159 days ago

Wasn't there a rumor a few weeks ago that Harmonious packages were being sold to Food and Wine sponsors? Does that suggest the possibility of Harmonious over the summer? (I'm not expecting it).

castlecake2.09 days ago

True, I was thinking more for the booths that don’t go with the pavilion, or it could be just a garden area themed to the pavilion with high tops and benches. I’ve enjoyed the tables they’ve placed around the UK pavilion a few months ago, if they could add more things like this around the park that’s be nice.

jkh366199 days ago

I hear ya. But I also like eating an egg roll while I'm in China, etc. If they were going to centralize it, may as well put it all in th World Showcase pavilion.

Sirwalterraleigh10 days ago

...but everyone has forgotten about that. who wants stuff included in admission?

Sirwalterraleigh10 days ago

sense a permanent pattern there?

Sirwalterraleigh10 days ago

they sell more dispersed...and a central location would become a bar for millennials.

MisterPenguin10 days ago

They certainly expanded F&W (+6 weeks) and Garden (+4) weeks during the pandemic. Pre-pandemic, about 1/3 of the year had no festival days. Pandemic years: only 1/10 of the year will have no festival days.

castlecake2.010 days ago

I was saying this the other day to some friends. If the new normal is going to be longer festivals, give guests a place to enjoy it that doesn’t clog up the main pathways. They have a nice area along the rose walk where you can pull off the path and eat at something other than a trash can which is great. I could see mores areas like this in parts of future world, and as you said, in the outpost area. I think people would be more ok with the longer festivals if they didn’t clog up the park so much.

Clamman7310 days ago

If they’re never gonna do anything in the Africa plot...might as well make another World Showplace and consolidate a bunch of booths and have an indoor and outdoor seating area...get some static traffic off the main path around the lagoon.

Sirwalterraleigh10 days ago

that’s still happening...they’ve announced about “half” of a redo.

jkh3661910 days ago

I love the festivals and the booths. Id much rather walk around and snack than do a sit down.