New Food and Wine Festival Premium Package exclusively for Walt Disney World Resort hotel guests

Jul 31, 2014 in "Epcot International Food and Wine Festival"

Posted: Thursday July 31, 2014 9:07am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney is offering a new 'Food and Wine Festival Premium Package' during this year's 2014 Epcot International Food and Wine Festival.

The cost is $199 + tax (does not include park admission), and is available to Walt Disney World Resort hotel guests, which includes the Swan and Dolphin, and Golden Oak.

The package includes:

  • In-room gift bag including a select bottle of wine, a festival wine glass, delicious truffles, and Premium Package Area credential. In addition, guests will receive a themed Food and Wine Festival MagicBand and a $50 gift card.

  • Exclusive Premium Package Areas located around World Showcase promenade where guests can order items from select marketplace and have them delivered right to them without waiting in lines.

  • Admission to one Epcot Food and Wine Late Nights LIVE! event taking place every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:45pm to 1am. This new event features an after-hours street party located between the United Kingdom and World Showcase Plaza and includes six complimentary items from several of the Food and Wine marketplace, musical performances, entertainment, live DJ and more.
To book, call 407-939-1889.
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bgraham34Sep 19, 2014

I was really interested in attending this but the $80 is just too steep. $40-$50 I would jump on it.

jakemanSep 19, 2014

It's $80 for 6 tastings. Let's say they are the most expensive food item at $7.50. $7.50 x 6 = $45 That means the intangibles of staying in one area of the park (that has no attractions) with a DJ are $35. I guess folks aren't finding the value in that.

DisneyDebRobSep 19, 2014

I am also thrilled this bombed. The answer has always been, build new attractions and keep the park open later. People will come and spend more.

ABQSep 19, 2014

Well, I for one am quite pleased to see one of these events not sell well. Just keep the park open, but not for a fee, guests will spend money naturally, no need to ticket them extra.

note2001Sep 19, 2014

Interesting. I guess the "If you build it, they will come" thought process does not apply to this event. Or, perhaps, the problem is that Disney has not built this event into anything worth noting. DJs are everywhere and the F&W festival is plenty.

ptaylorSep 19, 2014

This is not selling. First the Tuesday night was dropped, and now there is a large cast discount for the remaining Thursday dates.

jakemanSep 08, 2014

Got a call from Disney. If you can't rebook to Thursday, then they will refund the value of the after hours party ($80) or rebook you to something else. We were offered the Illuminations desert party and an additional $30 gift card. They seemed willing to rebook to other festival experiences but the one we asked about (Party for the Senses) was already sold out.

prberkSep 08, 2014

I remember the day when EPCOT was open late on any summer night, or any other busy time, as was the MK. That should be the answer, period. Busy times = extended hours. It makes up for the longer lines during less busy times. It's just right.

jakemanSep 08, 2014

Just a heads up for everyone. I called today to renew our passes and mentioned the above. The person on the line could not do anything about the cancellation (we are unable to attend a Thursday night), but stated there was a special group reaching out to everyone to make alternate arrangements. If I had to guess, offering it as part of the VIP experience has mucked up what would have been a simple reschedule or refund issue.

1023Sep 06, 2014

Looks like I will be the victim of this upcharge event (at least during the last week of October).... I am sold on the "exclusivity" and the fun Magic Band... Hope to see some of you there... *1023*

Mbuttah85Sep 06, 2014

It's on the Disney Parks Blog at the top of this page in the blue box.

jakemanSep 06, 2014

Do you have a link? I just checked and didn't see it. EDIT: It is listed on the Disney Food Blog.

Mbuttah85Sep 06, 2014

Disney Parks blog is reporting that this has been reduced to Thursday nights only. If you booked for a Tuesday it will be canceled.

GrumpySueAug 06, 2014

I have to agree with a previous poster, this will definately impact the guests staying at Beach/Yacht/Boardwalk. Especially if there is a DJ. We were at Yacht Club once when they had a party at Typhoon Lagoon with a DJ and we could hear it very clearly, kept us up very late. I love the F&W Festival, but I think this is a bad idea, and way overpriced.