PHOTOS - Epcot Legacy Showplace opens as part of Epcot Food and Wine Festival

Aug 31, 2017 in "Epcot International Food and Wine Festival"

Epcot Legacy Showplace
Posted: Thursday August 31, 2017 12:31pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Following on from The Festival of the Arts, The Odyssey is once again showcasing some of Epcot's history with a new exhibit - Epcot 35.

Known as the Epcot Legacy Showplace, the exhibit is split into two sides, one showcasing the pavilions of World Showcase, and the other Future World.

Along with some vintage concept art, the exhibit offers some construction photos, and concept art of the upcoming additions to Epcot - although nothing that has not been previously released.

The Odyssey continues to also be home to the Craft Beer marketplace.

Click the gallery for a walk-through the exhibit.

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danheatonSep 05, 2017

Wow. I'd rather just get out my copy of Walt Disney's Epcot: Creating the New World of Tomorrow than see these photos. The pictures they used look fine; there just isn't much there. It doesn't surprise me given the recent approach to old EPCOT Center, but this seems too basic.

Jeff456Sep 05, 2017

It's not change some of us are against it's the demise of epcot center as we currently know it and future World in particular... Epcot does not need to be full of ips... I think most of us recognise change was needed but I think some of us just hoped the changes would keep the spirit of Epcot,and despite what was said at D23 they are not keeping that spirit or idea at all.

Mickey5150Sep 05, 2017

If I was Disney I would never do anything to the parks. Every time anything happens all people do is complain constantly. Let it all rot, then the parks would match the attitude of it's fans.

FoodRockzSep 05, 2017

I recall being there one year recently with old AAs on display inside the Odyssey building. I took a few pictures and loved seeing the Kitchen Kabaret performers, etc. again. I thought this would be similar, not a really sad/boring photo gallery.

matt9112Sep 04, 2017

you don't have to be drinking to be in the building period. loved the projector showing how amazing the place once was. think about how many technology's family's might have seen for the first time ever at epcot and now it's just bleh. watch us kill a park and sell you merch about it. the place used to be so majestic and now it's meh. half the year it's a drink fest of some kind and else wise it's just a shell.

Jeff456Sep 04, 2017

I don't believe so my family and I were in there on Saturday my youngest sister is 13 didn't seem to be a problem. Saw other children in there as well.

brb1006Sep 04, 2017

ford91exploderSep 04, 2017

A compromise love the post hate the idiots who are destroying EPCOT

MovieloverSep 04, 2017

Wow this thread is a big bummer! Who would have thought all this negativity would come from a couple pictures? Well I'm here to cheer you guys up, I'll post some pictures from EPCOT's history to brighten the gloom around here! Are we happy yet? Feeling good! Rays of sunshine! Have a magical day! TRIGGER WARNING!

Kylo KenSep 04, 2017

Instead of Legacy, maybe it should read "In memoriam."

Cmdr_CrimsonSep 03, 2017

Unless World Showplace is not being used for anything...This could probably be the only other place they could use for a better Exhibition....

montyz81Sep 03, 2017

It is JJ Abrams fault. He did that to Start Trek too.

Figments FriendSep 02, 2017

Well, after getting a little excited at hearing about this opening....I'm now rather surprised and disappointed at this 'Showplace' display. There is barely anything in it. It's just common concept art from back in the day, availible in any decent book about the Park and instantly accessible via a quick online image search. While its beautiful in its own right, the walls of framed color copies look sparse in this large setting that includes no real display pieces. A missed opportunity. The Epcot 25th Gallery that was put together and contained in a much smaller space was literally packed full of a fabulous assortment of REAL display pieces of all forms..not just beautiful concept art of yore. Models, clay sculpts, Cast costumes, Show / Attraction figures and props, a quaint merchandise display, and other bits of memoribilia were on hand to be seen. It was a popular much so it stayed open a few years after the 25th Anniversary had come and gone. -

wm49rsSep 01, 2017

Yes, but the nostalgia sales are magical....