Details of the new Marketplace kiosks and more coming to Epcot International Food and Wine Festival 2019

Jun 28, 2019 in "Epcot International Food and Wine Festival"

Posted: Friday June 28, 2019 9:35am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Three new Global marketplace kiosks will be part of the 2019 Epcot International Food and Wine Festival for 2019, taking place August 29 to November 23.

Located next to Le Cellier, Appleseed Orchard Marketplace will serve craft brews, ciders, wines, charcuterie and cheese.

Also in Canada, the "O Canada!" theater will become part of the festival as an indoor location. The show is being readied for a new version, including projector updates.

The Alps Marketplace will offer Warm Raclette Swiss Cheese with Baby Potatoes, Cornichons and Baguette, or Venison Stew with Crushed Potatoes paired with a frozen Rosé.

Emile’s Fromage Montage will let guests sample a variety of cheeses served in inventive ways.

The Disney du Jour Dance Party will return with weekend Radio Disney artist appearances. Sundays through Thursdays will feature a DJ, and Fridays and Saturdays will feature performances by Radio Disney and Radio Disney Country artists and appearances from Disney characters. Some of the acts include Meg Donnelly (“With U,” Disney Channel’s Zombies) Aug. 30-31, Jenna Raine (“A Letter to Me”) Sept. 13-14, Sky Katz (“Like This,” Disney Channel’s Raven’s Home) Oct. 11-12 and JAGMAC (“Like a Band”) Oct. 18-19.

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trainplane3Oct 09, 2019

This... What a total pain to navigate WS. I'm done with F&W personally unless there's some special reason to come down. The food options are incredible. The crowds and booths jamming up the walkways flat out suck. After the first day of our trip, friends realized how bad it was.

ThatMouseOct 09, 2019

I would love to see more donuts at Disney World. I have a feeling they aren't going to be $6 for a dozen though.

Walt dOct 09, 2019


Horizons '83Sep 06, 2019

I must say I’m at F&W now and there are some great options this year. Also the park is dead (crowd wise), almost everything was a walk on, including Test Track, very enjoyable. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen crowds this low.

peter11435Sep 06, 2019


micknminnieSep 06, 2019

Our only chance to go is on a Saturday mid October. Will crowds be horrible when the festival first opens? We plan are starting right at 11.

Texas84Sep 06, 2019

It's greatly exaggerated but avoid Friday and Saturday nights. Sundays and weekdays are very pleasant.

UnbansheeSep 05, 2019

Sometimes there are two types of boards at the booths. One has photos and is a nicer display. The more common one is simply prices and description

TimmaySep 05, 2019

Was starting to worry about all the talk of drinking craziness there for a bit. First time ever going. Then I remembered I go to several nights of Summerfest every year. I’ll be good. Those in the know will understand well.

eeyore_isno1Sep 04, 2019

Ah, that would make sense. I'm way more likely to buy if seeing a photo.

eeyore_isno1Sep 04, 2019

I thought the menus usually had pictures of the items, am I misremembering? It's been a few years since I've attended (arriving Saturday, really excited).

larryzSep 03, 2019

I think I had that last year -- the duct confit... kinda chewy but it really stuck to your ribs.