Food and Wine Festival's 'Eat to the Beat Concert Series' added as a FastPass+ attraction at Epcot

Aug 26, 2015 in "Epcot International Food and Wine Festival"

Posted: Wednesday August 26, 2015 3:34pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The 2015 Epcot Food and Wine Festival's 'Eat to the Beat Concert Series' has been added to the FastPass+ line-up for Epcot.

'Eat to the Beat' joins the Tier 1 FastPass+ grouping, along with IllumiNations, Living with the Land, Soarin' and Test Track. One selection can be made from this group using My Disney Experience, or via the in-park kiosks.

A separate FastPass+ queue will be made available at the American Garden's Theatre, with entry allowed 20 minutes before show time.

'Eat to the Beat' begins on September 25 2015 with David Cook opening the show. See the full performer line-up.

The 2015 Epcot International Food and Wine Festival takes place from September 25 to November 16 2015.

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Suzanne LarmarkNov 06, 2015

Haha! That's great. I'll be going to see Hanson next week, where did the dinner package guests seat? Or the fastpass guests seat?

RSoxNo1Oct 14, 2015

Mark McGrath once said, "you can find me playing wherever funnel cakes are sold". The funnel cake stand is across the pathway from the American Gardens theater.

MicksMomOct 14, 2015

They were handing out Standby wristbands at 1:00 for the first show; 3:00 for the second show; 5:00 for the last show. Standby wristbanded people sat in the front left section of the theater. If you have a Disney Chase Visa card, you can stop by the Chase Lounge and pick up a wristband for any of the three shows. Chase wristbanded people sat behind the Standby wristbanded guests.

TBrooker11Oct 11, 2015

I have never been to the concerts (First year as a passholder) I plan on going to see Sugar Ray this week. I would prefer to see all three shows, do you think I will be able to get a seat? Is the Fast Pass needed for sure? What time do people start lining up for the first show?

aeillillSep 12, 2015

Oh this is exciting! I just got my fastpass for Everclear!

rct247Aug 27, 2015

Dining package will still have better seats in the front center. FastPass will be to one side and standby in back and other side. FastPass won't necessarily get you the best seat but will get you a spot to see the show without having to wait in line.

networkproAug 26, 2015

They have not stated how it was going to work. In the past it was dining package people to the left hand of the stage in the fron rows, corporate sponsors to the right in the front rows and then the standby Níðhöggr dragon's tail that can reach as far back as Germany filling in the remaining seats. This will get quite interesting to see if there is any standby queue as a result of FastPass adoption... maybe a trial balloon for the more popular Candlelight Processionals when they get the likes of Whoopie, Neil Patrick Harris, and Sigourney Weaver . Those are the shows I really enjoy the best and book dining packages as soon as the roster is announced.

SpaceMountain77Aug 26, 2015

We booked the dining package. Does anyone know if there is an advantage of having the package over a FastPass+? Does the FastPass+ make the dining package a waste of money?

networkproAug 26, 2015

We moved up our trip last year just for my wife to see Christopher Cross. In the 80's tickets were out of her financial reach and I won't really deny almost any request she makes. He looked better than he has in years. Now this is also interesting from a FastPass+ tier 1 perspective. Since these eat to the beat sessions are late afternoon / evening and tier 1 that means fewer bodies in the test track and soarin fp+ queues and more in standby. Can't say that Disney isn't trying to crowd shape a bit better these days.

sxeensweetAug 26, 2015

Thank you! Yes I know a lot of their popular songs and it is one of DH's fave bands, and our dates never coincided with them in past years. I want to hopefully see Tiffany (was a huge fan back in the 80's!) , and Sugar Ray, and several others while there as well even if I just listen standing in the background outside of the theater. We will be there 10/13-10/26 so lots of opportunites to catch a few artists. :)

ToTBellHopAug 26, 2015

Thanks for sharing! Just grabbed one for Sugar Ray!

sxeensweetAug 26, 2015

Just got mine for Fuel thanks for the info! DH will be excited! :D:joyfull:

tribbleorlflAug 26, 2015

Interesting. Any news if this is a reseved section, advance entry before the normal queue or a total waste of a FP? I originally was planning on doing the Dining Package to get guaranteed seating for the 11/6 8:00 Sister Hazel show, but decided to make a normal ADR when I found out I couldn't use my TIW card to get a discount. Be nice to know I can approximate the same package between my ADR and a FP.