PHOTOS - First look inside the Odyssey Craft Beer center at the Epcot Food and Wine Festival

Sep 18, 2014 in "Epcot International Food and Wine Festival"

Great news for craft beer fans - this year at the Epcot Food and Wine Festival the Odyssey is presenting a craft beer expo, with the chance to learn about craft beers, and taste a selection of flights.

Click the gallery for a look inside and menu details.

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Article Posted: Sep 18, 2014 / 3:28pm EDT
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PhotoDave219Oct 02, 2014

All of the menus are also available on the Disney food blog.

BrerJonOct 02, 2014

You can pick up passports from the Festival Center or many of the booths which list each booth and have a checklist of the food and drink options. Getting a stamp from each booth in it is also good fun.

DznyGrlSDOct 02, 2014

Is there a downloadable/printable checklist for all of the F&W booths this year? It would be nice to have a list of everything available (food an drink-wise) to take along.

FerretAfrosSep 23, 2014

I wonder if the 6oz beer is partially an attempt to speed up service. When pouring beer, they often have to wait for the head to go down, which can slow down the amount of time before someone gets their food. I can only assume that a 6oz beer would need less resting time than a 12oz or 20oz. Since wine and mixed drinks don't need to rest, that could explain why those pours are unchanged The Brewer's Collection booth was added a few years ago to assist the Germany booth, which has historically had a high beer-to-food ratio and a slow queue to match. Germany continues to sell a lot of beer (though presumably less than in the past, with the Brewer's Collection next door) and the queue continues to move slower than at booths with less of a beer presence Additionally, it makes it easier to forecast demand a little. If there's a long line, you can start pouring a couple beers in advance, knowing that everybody will get the same size

misterIDSep 23, 2014

I wasn't, and didn't intend to. I was responding to the same person you were about the crowds. It can get gross and annoying. Some people don't seem to mind it, obviously.

jakemanSep 23, 2014

Meh...I've never experienced anything horrible, but I'm not going to get into a micturiting match about what we've have or haven't seen over the years.

Pumbas NakasakSep 23, 2014

Party hard.

misterIDSep 23, 2014

I was going to say that the behavior is as bad as the crowds from my experience.

jakemanSep 23, 2014

Not from a behavior standpoint, just from a crowd management standpoint.

danlb_2000Sep 23, 2014

We were there this past Saturday around 5:00 PM and the crowds were heavy, but manageable. We didn't wait more then 5 minutes to get served at any of the Food and Wine kiosks. Don't know if it got worse later in the evening.

PhotoDave219Sep 23, 2014

Why was there yesterday. And it felt like a busy weekend from the rest of the year. Lots of cast members… How do I know that? Because clearly cast members aren't smart enough to put their IDs away after they come through the gate.

jakemanSep 23, 2014

They are pretty unbearable if you are only used to the weekday crowd.

PhotoDave219Sep 23, 2014

Nope. That's a wine booth. Because we all want wine while we smell funnel cake, right?

PhotoDave219Sep 23, 2014

At the normal beverage locations that sell larger portions. For example, inside the Liberty Inn counter Service location. They sell normal sized beer.