EPCOT'S Morocco Pavilion reopens the Tangierine Café and Restaurant Marrakesh

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Tangerine Café and Restaurant Marakesh reopening July 15 2021
Posted: Thursday July 15, 2021 11:06am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Morocco Pavilion at EPCOT is back, with two of its long-shuttered locations reopened as part of the 2021 EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival.

Tangierine Café: Flavors of the Medina, the pavilion's original quick service location, serves a variety of small plates as one of the Global Marketplace kiosks.

Seating is available both indoors and outdoors at the restaurant and in the recently refreshed central courtyard.

Restaurant Marrakesh, the pavilion's original table service restaurant, serves as an indoor space to eat and relax but is not directly serving any food.

The original Tangierine Cafe closed in October 2020 as the pavilion's third-party operator struggled in the wake of the COVID shutdown. Disney has since taken over operations of the Morocco Pavilion and is making a series of improvements.

Click the gallery for more pictures of the Morocco Pavilion reopening.

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tcool1239 hours ago

Agreed! If Disney wants to keep it generic make it a generic Central/South American Refreshment Port to spread the love around more to a region lacking any right now at either park. If they want it to make it full on pavilion for Central/South America there's plenty of IPs to choose from: Encanto is set in Colombia, Emperor's New Groove is set in what would be modern day Peru, Indiana Jones could be thrown into any country with an ancient empire they want, Saludos Amigos/Three Caballeros/Melody Time all have portions in Brazil and would free Mexico up for Coco. There's opportunities here!

nickys10 hours ago

As they do at AKL. Hopefully they can start bringing them back soon.

MisterPenguin10 hours ago

Technically, Disney had plans to receive rental money from the Brazilian company that would be selling Brazilian food. Disney wouldn't be running the restaurant themselves.

jpinkc11 hours ago

Yes and thats something the current Disney seems to lack (imagination) and the leadership wont spend on parks until almost forced to at gunpoint.

castlecake2.011 hours ago

Just to clarify, they have had cultural reps at DAK for many years. Here’s a cm explaining her role (at 1 min mark). Very similar to epcot, just a much smaller scale.

DoleWhipDrea11 hours ago

Disney was certainly motivated by money when they had plans to build a Brazil pavilion...primarily to sell Brazilian food. But without getting a partner to finance, as well as uncomfortable social and political issues with the country in the news regarding the country itself, it seems to me that Disney will only greenlight a new WS Pavilion if they can tie in a popular IP to sell lots of merchandise. If the Moroccan Pavilion can thrive under Disney’s touch, perhaps they will see WS in a new light. But I am nervously watching for any additional IP things that they might try to sell here...I love Aladdin, but Agrabah isn’t Morocco.

MisterPenguin12 hours ago

Creative and imaginative costs money.

GimpYancIent12 hours ago

EPCOT needs a kick in the pants, a spark (I'm not talking about those things in the Lagoon either). The guests enjoyed the Japanese drummers, the Mexican mariachis the Brazilian Carnival and Samba dancing would have added that kind of flavor. Since the motivation is 💲💲💲💲 then get out of the corporate think box stop being 😴 at the switch. What happened to being creative and imaginative?

Sir_Cliff12 hours ago

Apologies, I didn't mean to imply that you or anyone else were saying the comment about Africa and other regions being better suited to DAK than WS. It was a more a thought experiment where, if you vocalised the status quo in the context of adding new countries to WS, it is suddenly obvious that there are problems with it. To be honest, even though in principle cultural representatives/exhibits at DAK seemed like a decent idea to me, when I think about what that might look like in practice there is still something jarring about it. Along the lines of what @LittleBuford mentioned, bringing in people to talk about and present their culture in themed spaces set amongst animal exhibits invites uncomfortable parallels with when people, particularly from Africa and Asia, were actually exhibited in recreations of "traditional" housing, clothing, etc. in zoos, world's fairs, etc. and treated as if they were just another exotic species for visitors to gawk at. In Australia we had a similar thing until recently with souvenirs like tea towels that would depict koalas, kangaroos, wombats.... and aboriginal people. In short, I think DAK should stick to animal-related exhibits and in that way should be quite distinct from World Showcase which focusses on human cultures and customs. I agree about Outpost!

MisterPenguin12 hours ago

WS pavilions come about because either a country's government or one or more of its national corporations are willing to cough up the financing to make it possible. Now, almost always the latter. The almost-Brazil pavilion was going to be funded by Brazilian companies, but that fell through. It seems Disney has never had a desire to finance a new WS pavilion on their own. Maybe that will change now that they're running Morocco and they see they can make more money running a national pavilion than renting it. But, I doubt it.

GimpYancIent12 hours ago

If I remember correctly there was a strong push for a Brazil pavilion. That would add some zing to the world showcase. Samba, Carnival, Hey! you know the Brazilians know how to party!

MisterPenguin12 hours ago

For all intents and purposes, DAK provides a setting for what would have been Asian and African pavilions of Epcot. The Asia section of DAK covers Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Mongolia, Nepal, and Thailand. The African section covers East Africa, especially Zimbabwe and Zanzibar. Yes, there is a focus more on the animals of those regions, since this is the Animal Kingdom; but these areas are full of the local architecture, food, culture, music, and people of these regions. So much so, I don't think those cultures need a World Showcase pavilion. In some ways, the representation they have in DAK is better than what a WS pavilion could provide. Time to remove the embarrassment of the generic Afrcian Refreshment Port of WS. DAK has it covered.

Robbiem13 hours ago

I think the original crop of world showcase countries was based partly on what nations had companies willing to pay to sponsor pavilions which favoured western countries at the time. I agree more diversity is needed it would be great to have a real mix. I’d love to see African nations other than Morocco, India, South America, other Asian nations, Polynesia and the Carribean for a start before more European nations are added😀✌️

castlecake2.013 hours ago

I see what you are saying here. What I’d lik to see is a specific country to replace “the outpost” and then galleries added to Africa and Asia at DAK where cultural reps would have the tools to properly show guests these regions. I’d also love a circlevision or some sort of film in either of these lands to show real places. It could help educate and also give dak something to do in AC without a huge wait, which that park is still lacking almost 25 years later.