EPCOT'S Morocco Pavilion reopens the Tangierine Café and Restaurant Marrakesh

Jul 15, 2021 in "Epcot International Food and Wine Festival"

Tangerine Café and Restaurant Marakesh reopening July 15 2021
Posted: Thursday July 15, 2021 11:06am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Morocco Pavilion at EPCOT is back, with two of its long-shuttered locations reopened as part of the 2021 EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival.

Tangierine Café: Flavors of the Medina, the pavilion's original quick service location, serves a variety of small plates as one of the Global Marketplace kiosks.

Seating is available both indoors and outdoors at the restaurant and in the recently refreshed central courtyard.

Restaurant Marrakesh, the pavilion's original table service restaurant, serves as an indoor space to eat and relax but is not directly serving any food.

The original Tangierine Cafe closed in October 2020 as the pavilion's third-party operator struggled in the wake of the COVID shutdown. Disney has since taken over operations of the Morocco Pavilion and is making a series of improvements.

Click the gallery for more pictures of the Morocco Pavilion reopening.

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SplashZander4 days ago

https://blogmickey.com/2023/01/film-crews-spotted-in-morocco-pavilion-at-epcot/ Could this be them trying to pitch it to a corporate sponsor?

castlecake2.012 days ago

Very specific company to be looking for

Coaster Lover12 days ago

I'd be willing to bet good money it will involve/include Aladdin...

aladdin200712 days ago

They had been looking to get another company, this was floated around last year sometime and nothing seems to have come up since. company meaning third party like the one that previously ran Marrakesh etc. It sure would be nice if it could get back up and running. Such a shame to see this beautiful pavilion go from a fully operational true to itself experience, to so much shuddered nothingness. Granted, cast for the most part from Morocco are not back yet either.

castlecake2.012 days ago

The exhibit is about different races (by foot and car) held in Morocco.

castlecake2.012 days ago

Interesting. Wonder what will come of it. I’m annoyed that the pavilion has numerous shuttered venues yet forces the sangria kiosk and henna artist to operate outside in a crowded courtyard. Maybe it was a test and will be given a more permanent location. Coronado Springs has shown how popular a “sangria university” experience is, maybe something similar could be ~activated~ here.

nickys12 days ago

I don’t want a full rebuild or remodel. I like the various replica structures, although I did miss the souk when I visited over Christmas. But some new features would be a nice addition. I realise that it’s much more likely we’ll get a reimagined dining location. Have to say I was not impressed to see the museum is now some rally racing simulation video game. By all means refresh the contents but the least they could do is create a display reflecting Moroccan culture.

Epcot82Guy12 days ago

D+ really is the appropriate grade for much of it... (not that there isn't great content, too)

Disstevefan112 days ago

They took that money and used it to make forgettable content for D+ ;)

MisterPenguin12 days ago

Uh... you know what Disney has budgeted for whatever it is they're planning to do with the Morocco pavilion?

Unbanshee12 days ago

I think Josh and Bob being in park has brought some Imagineers out of the shadows

Disstevefan112 days ago

Previous to its closure we thought the counter service food was very high quality and we also enjoyed the table service Marrakesh. I fear the food here will turn into same old cr@p they serve everywhere else.

ULPO4612 days ago

The budget on this thing is no where near a full tear down of the place nor a true remodel. Lets not forget priority number one is the reconfiguration of old futureworld into the IP vision of the future of EPCOT being more family friendly. If anything a new dining experience is all that will take place. The Disney of this current phase of Iger's tenure is to eliminate excess spending at WDI and parks across the world. Former King Hassan II current father of the current King of Morocco, King Mohammed VI, sent a team of Moroccan artisans to work with the Original EPCOT Imagineering team to design the Pavillion. While the events of September 11, 2001 made the pavillon a pariah for nearly a decade, Morocco remains one of the most true to detail and national symbolism of the country it was built to represent. Islamic art prohbits images of humans so if you look at the artwork of the mosaics across the pavillion you will not see any images of people. True when Animal Kingdom was under development Joe sent in new imagineers to get a feel for what an immersive world should look like when Designing the lands of Africa (Harambe Village) and Asia (Kingdom of Anandapur). It was the latter of those two which helped on top of the love and adoration of Star Wars that made Batuu a reality. Morocco happens to be my favorite Pavillon at Disney as even well before 9/11 felt a strong connection with the pavillon as my ancestors came from a Sephardic Morrocan background. But like most of World Showcase, Morocco needs some TLC to revive the are and not just be a focus on food, booze, or IP. My hopes with who ever becomes the next CEO of TWDC allows Imagineers to breathe life back into EPCOT's World Showcase, not in the sense of IP but to be an immersive world where our guest can truthfully experience the sights, sounds, and smells of those countries around world showcase. Not a back to roots basis, but come on with how Expensive Disney and albeit all forms of travel are for most EPCOT is the closest most guest will ever get to visiting all of the 10 of the 11 countries that are represented in the World Showcase, yes I always omit the American Experience which could also use a major facelift. Morocco if allowed could be the starting point of a revitalized World Showcase but the likelihood of it ever getting past just remodeling a dining room is unlikely with how tight current Imagineering Budgets are right now.

DCBaker12 days ago

Some activity happening here today - small groups going around with maps measuring, taking notes and photos throughout the pavilion.