EPCOT'S Morocco Pavilion reopens the Tangierine Café and Restaurant Marrakesh

Jul 15, 2021 in "Epcot International Food and Wine Festival"

Tangerine Café and Restaurant Marakesh reopening July 15 2021
Posted: Thursday July 15, 2021 11:06am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Morocco Pavilion at EPCOT is back, with two of its long-shuttered locations reopened as part of the 2021 EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival.

Tangierine Café: Flavors of the Medina, the pavilion's original quick service location, serves a variety of small plates as one of the Global Marketplace kiosks.

Seating is available both indoors and outdoors at the restaurant and in the recently refreshed central courtyard.

Restaurant Marrakesh, the pavilion's original table service restaurant, serves as an indoor space to eat and relax but is not directly serving any food.

The original Tangierine Cafe closed in October 2020 as the pavilion's third-party operator struggled in the wake of the COVID shutdown. Disney has since taken over operations of the Morocco Pavilion and is making a series of improvements.

Click the gallery for more pictures of the Morocco Pavilion reopening.

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UNCgolf12 hours ago

And East Asia, with Japan and China.

ChrisFL12 hours ago

Is the (Front half) of the Casablanca plane from Great Movie Ride still on property?

Sir_Cliff12 hours ago

Indeed. I know the pavilion has been very mistreated by Disney, but taking out Morocco would in many ways be worse for World Showcase than taking out a pavilion like Germany or Italy as it's one of the very few pavilions that suggests there is a world beyond Western Europe and North America.

hopemax14 hours ago

So back in the day, on the DIS Rumors & News board, we used to talk a lot about theming vs decorating. Comparing Disney projects to your local restaurant matching decor with cuisine... This doesn't even measure up to restaurant decor. It's got strong mall tile vibes.

DCLcruiser16 hours ago

Can't they just set a new movie in Morocco and create IP to rejuvenate the pavilion? I mean desert landscapes, a sandstorm, Casablanca, what could be easier?

Bocabear16 hours ago

The Patina Group runs Via Napoli in the Italy Pavilion... perhaps they could take a swing at it? They do a good job with that restaurant... It is a shame that there is not a big restaurant corporation in Morocco that would be interested in taking it over...To actually have a Moroccan company running the place....

Disstevefan117 hours ago

The problem with trying to bring back that great food is that they were tenants, an outside business, and I highly doubt Disney can do it as good as the business that was doing it.

Bocabear17 hours ago

TOTALLY agree about the counter service....and the restaurant was great. No reason either of those can't be great again....and an attraction there would be amazing....

Disstevefan120 hours ago

We loved that restaurant and that counter service was the best quality counter service in all of EPCOT in my opinion.

Virtual Toad20 hours ago

Totally agree with everything; except, even if temporary it is still completely inexcusable. Guests go to Walt Disney World to escape reality, not be reminded of the shoddy work contractors did at their own homes lol. Actually reminds me of the gentleman who did the tile backsplash in our kitchen which we had to redo after a water leak. He was very detail-oriented, but wanted to cover a gap on one side of the kitchen with a metal rail because he insisted he couldn't cut a piece of tile that narrow. At first I let him do it, but looked at it, realized it was unacceptable, and insisted he at least try. Which he did, and was able to cut and install the tile without issues. In retrospect, I give him a lot of credit for respecting and working with me, but I'm also glad I stayed with him and supervised his work throughout the process. In the end, it all looked fantastic. He was as happy with the result as I was and thanked me for holding him to he task. Sorry for the long story but here's my point: if a simple homeowner can take enough pride in his house to make sure a tile job is done correctly, who the heck (if anyone) was supervising this job? Why can't the world's largest entertainment company do better than this?

Bocabear20 hours ago

While the big feature restaurant is gone, it would be nice if they would add a big new attraction back there and make a new restaurant integrated with it...Like Chez Remy in DLP or Blue Bayou in Disneyland...

peng20 hours ago

Yeah this sucks, don't think they will redo it like the lightbulb thing.

Disstevefan121 hours ago

Yup, I guess just plain old incompetence. Intended or not, I have a feeling they will be re doing this. This is far easier to fix then the in ground lighting around that ugly planter in Celebration gardens.

Bocabear21 hours ago

All they had to do was follow the plan that is already painstakingly laid out for them... They didnt need to bring in a Moroccan artisan to do the work....just Replace like with like... That is all they had to do.... The designs , tile work, carvings etc were masterfully done and gorgeous. This was not an add-on...there was a road map already there on how to fix it... Maybe this is the temporary and they have ordered new tiles to be made for them?...giving the benefit of the doubt there....