Pluto's Pumpkin Pursuits and new merchandise coming to EPCOT's Food and Wine Festival for 2022

Jul 12, 2022 in "Epcot International Food and Wine Festival"

EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival Princess Tiana Collection 2022
Posted: Tuesday July 12, 2022 7:46am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has announced details of new merchandise and a new Halloween scavenger hunt for this year's EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival.

The EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival Princess Tiana Collection will debut with the festival on July 14, featuring illustrations inspired by Tiana's story in shades of lily-pad green and lilac.

Beginning on Sept. 29 – Oct. 31, Pluto's Pumpkin Pursuits invites kids of all ages to join in a Halloween-themed search around EPCOT to locate secret character-inspired pumpkins.

Purchase a game board and stickers at select merchandise locations, including Creations Shop, Port of Entry, and World Traveler at International Gateway.

Hunt for hidden decorative pumpkins based on Disney characters. Once you've found a character, place the corresponding stickers on your game board. Next, return your game board to Disney Traders—located at the entrance to World Showcase or World Traveler at International Gateway––for a spooky surprise.

Remy's Ratatouille Hide & Squeak will also return for this year.

This year's event begins July 14 and runs through to November 19 2022.

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DCBakerOct 01, 2022

If anyone was looking to do Pluto’s Pumpkin Pursuit, Cast Members say it has been delayed and may start next week.

tpoly88Aug 30, 2022

menus are online and i would say you cannot do it all in one day as there is a lot of kiosks so pace yourself. was there this past sunday and was not crowded due to the heat. the fall is a good time to go as it cools down a little and youre more into having some beer or wine. i was disappointed that they have not used the big pavilion again between canada and england. that used to be nice as they had 4 different stations in there plus a person playing the piano. wish they would bring this back. they did have the apple cider station in Canada. I definitly saw they reduced the amount of food options at each kiosk this year but i was happy to see they had more wine. i think it was due to still being summer but it had a different feel than usual for some reason, i couldnt put my finger on why. ill be going back in the fall as they did have some good food options but was too hot to eat! Also do your rides early as going on mission space, test track and GoTG does not go well after being full and having a few drinks! :D

tpoly88Aug 30, 2022

ive never had to wait like that for any of these concerts, the Candlelight processional is another story all together.

tpoly88Aug 30, 2022

should be earlier in this thread. you can also go and search for F&W menus on this site and it should come up.

FigmentFan82Aug 30, 2022

were the menus posted here?

jerseygirl29Aug 30, 2022

Does anyone know how busy the concerts have been? We are there November 13-19 but unfortunately the only dates for concerts are the 13th and 14th. We are hoping to see Sugar Ray but are trying to figure out our chances of actually getting a seat being that they are the last shows of the season. We waited 3 hours to see Whoopi Goldberg for the Candlelight processional in 2019 and can’t even fathom a wait that long anymore - lol. Thought about the dining package but, the restaurants are of 0 interest to us.

bhg469Jul 15, 2022

Funny because that's also what I call the wings from food and wine.

mktJul 15, 2022

Cursed lollypop.

bhg469Jul 15, 2022

Was absolutely planning on going tonight to get some snacks, have a walk and enjoy the evening.. But, life had other plans!

scuttlebudJul 15, 2022

Right after sunset… if you use an iphone the weather app will tell you what time that is.

maleficentfanJul 15, 2022

LOVE IT! Does anyone know approximately what time the shows start?

DCBakerJul 14, 2022

Use the > on the right to move through the video/photos -