2014 Eat to the Beat concert series performer line-up announced

May 09, 2014 in "Epcot International Food and Wine Festival"

Posted: Friday May 9, 2014 11:28am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has just announced the Eat to the Beat concert series performer line-up for this year's Food and Wine Festival.

Part of the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival, concerts take place daily between September 19 and November 10 2014, and are included with park admission. New acts coming this year to the Eat to the Beat concert series include the Jo Dee Messina, Fuel and Los Lonely Boys.

Sept. 19-21 – Jo Dee Messina
Sept. 22-23 – The Pointer Sisters
Sept. 24-25 – Rick Springfield
Sept. 26-27 – Christopher Cross
Sept. 28-29 – Hanson
Sept. 30-Oct. 2 – Air Supply
Oct. 3-5 – STARSHIP starring Mickey Thomas
Oct. 6-8 – Sugar Ray
Oct. 9-10 – Fuel
Oct. 11-12 – Sister Hazel
Oct. 13-14 – TBD
Oct. 15-16 – Billy Ocean
Oct. 17-19 – Night Ranger
Oct. 20-22 – Smash Mouth
Oct. 23-24 – Jim Brickman
Oct. 25-26 – Los Lonely Boys
Oct. 27-28 – Wilson Phillips
Oct. 29-31 – Dennis DeYoung, original member of STYX
Nov. 1-2 – 38 Special
Nov. 3-5 – Boyz II Men
Nov. 6-7 – David Cook
Nov. 8-10 – Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

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lee.g.brownMay 22, 2015

So this time last year all the eat to the beat acts had been announced for a couple of weeks already! I wonder what the hold up is this year? I'm really eager to find out for my trip this autumn!

DisneyGentlemanMay 13, 2014

Eat to the Beat gigs... One step above concerts at dirt tracks.

SpikerdinkMay 13, 2014

Did I say it was at the American Experience? My bad. It is actually just inside Stich's Great Escape over at the MK. Oh, and they don't give out free wine/beer once or twice a day, either.

Tigger1988May 13, 2014

Thank you @Spikerdink! I knew about the lounge but not the wristbands!

xdan0920May 13, 2014

Awesome info. Now, delete it before everyone and their mothers finds out about this hidden gem. :D

fillerupMay 12, 2014

To add a bit more about the priority seating - it's probably a good idea for the first set as that's always the busiest. But since I rarely go before the second set, I will say that time after time, for the last two shows, I would see the seating roped off for Chase Visa and then they'd remove the ropes right at showtime because there was either no one or just a handful of people there.

SpikerdinkMay 12, 2014

are you a Disney Visa card holder? If so, you go to the American Experience around when WS opens. Head to the right side of the main doors. (They will most likely have a CM working a rope line. show your Visa card and they let you up to the Chase lounge. you can take the stairs (I wanted the exercise) or take the elevator.... Once you go in, to the right is a small bar (beer/wine at the usual prices) and a Coke machine that allows you to create some cool combinations. Raspberry coke? Orange coke? strawberry sprite? Mmmm.....yes, please. No charge for the soft drinks. although they did frown on me taking a coffee cup (held a lot more) rather than using the small cup to dispense the soda. Anyway, if you go back down the hall to the left of the lounge there is an area that overlooks the courtyard that has chairs, couches, televisions and charging stations for your phones. Very cool - all kinds of adapters there!! While there, if you want to have the priority seating, you ask for a wrist band. That gives you priority seating for (I think) the 6 pm show. You will line up to the left (looking at the stage - the right side is the stand by line who wants to get as close as they can. There was one guy there last year for the Go-Go's who HAD to be 75+. Waited all day to get the 'good seats'. The Go-Go's came on and he promptly fell asleep.) When they seat you, you are in the first section out from the 'floor' seating. Decent seating and you don't have to wait in line for three hours to get second row seats for the band. (Which I admit, I did. I do love the Go-Go's.....)

Tigger1988May 12, 2014

Can someone elaborate on this? This year will be the first time my trip coincides with acts I actually WANT to see (BIIM and David Cook) so I'm curious to see how this priority seating works.

slappy magooMay 12, 2014

I don't know how old you are. I think I'm too old to appreciate them, too but this video seems tailor made to old fogies. An homage to the Shake Your Tailfeather/Ray Charles musical number in The Blues Brothers, and bonus points for letting Weird Al Yankovic totally mock the "dancing" style of Murphy Dunne, who was the keyboard player in the movie (replacing Paul Shaffer who was their original keyboard/bandleader/music arranger) but had nothing to do in a scene where Ray freakin' Charles is playing, so he took a tambourine and tried his best to have a reason to be there...

LucyKMay 12, 2014

SO mad they put BIIM on the weekend before we arrive! It's been so long since I last saw them live and I was counting on seeing them at F&W.

Matt_BlackMay 12, 2014

I was hoping the Spin Doctors would show up again, because they were fun. Especially the bits in between songs. "It's a dream to perform here, because I love this place. I came here for my 8th birthday back in 1974; the monorail was SO futuristic."

SpikerdinkMay 12, 2014

Was hoping that the Go-Go's would play again, but heard that one of them (cough, cough, Belinda, cough) was rude to people at the BW where they were staying and someone told me they were 'one and done' because of it. Oh, well. I will see them July 3 on Long Island. Can't hate that! Manhattan Transfer was another band I wanted to see last year, but not enough money in the account to fly from NY twice in a month.... Still some interesting acts...would not sit for all three sets, but would give a short listen. Especially if they gave the Disney Visa priority seating again. Free designer soft drinks in the American Experience AND decent seating. I'm there.

tribbleorlflMay 12, 2014

Ok, I'll nibble a little. As many as the crowd will ask for. In all seriousness, there's more to SH than "All For You;" they've had 7 singles chart on the Adult Top 40.

Matt_BlackMay 12, 2014

Hey! They also sing the song "Happy".