Performer line-up announced for the America Gardens Bandstand at the 2021 EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival

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Posted: Friday July 9, 2021 10:36am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The 2021 EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival opens with America Gardens Bandstand presented by Florida Blue Medicare, a live music concert series Friday through Monday evenings.

Local bands from across Central Florida take to the stage at America Gardens Theatre, playing popular songs of yesterday and today. Here is the line-up announced so far:

  • July 16 to 19: Epic! Live
  • July 23 to 26: Champagne Orchestra
  • July 30 to August 2: Element
  • August 6 to 9: Sound Society
  • August 13 to 16: The Hooligans
  • August 20 to 23: The Vybe
  • August 27 to 30: The M-80s
  • September 3 to 6: Latin Ambition
  • September 10 to 13: Audio Exchange
  • September 17 to 20: The Hooligans
  • September 24 to 27: Epic! Live

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Malfie Cent13 days ago

The only reason I go to WDW now is for the festivals.

Deanieb5915 days ago

And if it were closed you'd have nothing to say about that?

James Alucobond15 days ago

I don't mind any of the festivals except for Food & Wine. All of the others feel additive whereas Food & Wine just feels disruptive.

MorphinePrince16 days ago

Me too! The festivals are the only thing that makes Epcot worth visiting in a post-IllumiNations world now. Without the festivals Epcot is nothing but a collection of bland 1980s architecture, just okay attractions, and now a mediocre World's Fair staffed by clueless Americans who have no business at all being in any of the pavilions. This park really should be closed right now.

mikejs7816 days ago

I say, bring it!

castlecake2.016 days ago

I know there are reasons they’ve had to have continuous festivals this year, but I’m really scared they’ll look at numbers and keep this trend going.

castlecake2.016 days ago

I like the festivals too! What I don’t like is when they remove attraction space to put a food stall.

Deanieb5916 days ago

I agree-they're great. All the complainers don't seem to realize they don't have to do them at all. And I love how its always-"well if I was in charge"--well guess what? You're not.

Deanieb5916 days ago

I'm with you. Why all the bitching?

MansionButler8416 days ago

Now that fall festival season has started, I hope this expands. Serve food in the Frozen queue and move the line outside into the pleasant fall weather. Take the theater seats out of the theater that used to show something about France and let Guests enjoy the Beauty and the Beast Dine-Along. Close Mission Space and see if anyone notices and just serve food in the indoor queue and call in Space 220. Guests would rather be outdoors enjoying crisp evening weather and changing leaves while wearing their new (now-) $75 spirit jerseys from Creations Shop. Happy Fall, y’all.

TrainChasers16 days ago

I don’t think they’ve ever worn the “usual garb” when performing in the American Gardens Theatre. Yeah, they wouldn’t even let me bring my Joffreys in with a lid! Now let’s sip and stuff our faces while enjoying the gallery.

Apple Core17 days ago

And now comes the four-month marathon of close up shots of chewing food and amateur reviews of flavors and palatability.

mikeymouse17 days ago

Boy, for an area that was once strictly no food or drink ......

MisterPenguin17 days ago

The casual summer look is more appropriate for when singing covers of Olivia Rodrigo's songs.