Florida Blue lounge opens in EPCOT'S Norway Pavilion as part of the Food and Wine Festival

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Florida Blue Lounge at EPCOT Norway Pavilion
Posted: Wednesday September 1, 2021 12:11pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Restaurant Akershus has opened its doors to guests today as a lounge for Florida Blue healthcare members and employees.

The lounge opens daily at 12pm and operates through to 6pm, and offers complimentary snacks several times a day (fruit, yogurts, pretzels, vegetables), beverages and a place to cool off in air conditioning.

Florida Blue members can obtain a pass at the Florida Blue website

The lounge is part of Florida Blue's sponsorship of the 2021 EPCOT Food and Wine Festival and will operate through November 20 2021.

Restaurant Akershus is still expected to reopen as a restaurant at a later date.

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Disstevefan17 days ago

Corn syrup, Maple syrup, same thing 😉

TikibirdLand7 days ago


lewisc7 days ago

Does Aunt J even have any maple syrup as an ingredient? It's basically flavored sugar syrup.

speck7613 days ago

Understand also they may not need the table space of this restaurant to be used as a restaurant at this time. Each individual food outlet needs the demand to exist..... With Space 220 about to open and the Crepe place now in France, along with Epcot remaining in perpetual festival booth mode the park may actually be saturated with dining outlets. They are not going to keep outlets open that are not busy or profitable.

dreday313 days ago

Gosh, I'm not actually that upset. I don't even want to go! 😂 It just seems out of place there when they are usually somewhere no one really notices. That's all.

castlecake2.013 days ago

I totally agree, the only reason it bothers me is because of the domino effect it’s created. They could have used an already existing lounge for this, and then used akershus as a food and wine space instead of closing an attraction in Canada. But looking at it, when they were planning food and wine akershus was probably still a relaxation station so that could have factored into it. I get the last year and a half has been a mess and I still believe at the park operations level they’re trying their best to balance everything. Thank you for talking me down lol.

Lilofan13 days ago

Still on the shelf at the local mini mart as Aunt J but no longer in the supermarket.

castlecake2.013 days ago

As a canadian it is my duty to inform you that former aunt J is not maple syrup lol

Tony the Tigger13 days ago

This is one of the more ridiculous discussions I’ve seen. Nobody owes you a lounge. Nobody owes you a private lounge that is hidden so as not to offend non-members. They must have presumed adults would be able to understand like…adults. This thread was an announcement about a perk which has devolved into…super petty, “If I can’t go, then no one should go!” First of all, these lounges are no big deal. You get some a/c and some free water or soda. You hang for a few to get out of the sun or rain and that’s it. They didn’t buy Frozen and rope it off. They didn’t even buy Rose & Crown and rope it off. They’re using a dead space to make some sponsor money. Previous sponsors got a lounge. I would not want to pay for club 33 and have to share the elevators with Florida Blue member freeloaders - especially now. The question wasn’t, “How can we desecrate this closed restaurant and potentially torment less reasonable people?” It was likely, “Where do we have the space big enough to put a (hopefully more socially distanced than usual) lounge? Oh! This isn’t being used.” No one is denied anything they paid for. The restaurant was not going to be open; and if it were, reservations are not guaranteed. “Aw, shucks, I wish I could go” is appropriate. “THEY SHOULD NOT USE THIS RESTAURANT AS A LOUNGE UNLESS EVERYONE CAN EQUALLY USE IT AS A LOUNGE” is contradictory, and not a good look for anyone of age. It’s basically, “NO FAIR!” With that, I’m out of this thread for my own sanity. My advice: Pick your battles, folks. Get upset when something is actually important.

Lilofan13 days ago

Canada is an afterthought and when I went in the little gift shop I saw high priced maple syrup made in Canada. I still prefer good ol' Aunt Jemima maple syrup made in the USA, maple syrup over vanilla ice cream or maple syrup stirred in hot milk!

castlecake2.013 days ago

The is that an attraction was closed in an an area that was already lacking attractions, and while you may not care for that particular show doesn’t mean others don’t.

MansionButler8413 days ago

You don’t deserve Epcot. She’s too good for you.

speck7614 days ago

So for the last two years an oft forgotten show was used to hawk maple syrup and hard cider..... - what is the issue?

castlecake2.014 days ago

It was only closed once before for food and wine which lead directly into its refurbishment to install a new show. This years closure should never have happened.