New Year's Eve 2014 entertainment line-up for the Magic Kingdom

Dec 26, 2014 in "Holidays at the Magic Kingdom"

Posted: Friday December 26, 2014 11:28am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Magic Kingdom will once again be hosting two nights of New Year's Eve entertainment for 2014.

Park Hours

Dec 30, 8am to 1am with EMH 7am to 8am and 1am to 3am.
Dec 31, 8am to 2am with EMH 7am to 8am.


Mickey's Once Upon a Christmastime Parade - 12pm and 3:30pm
Frozen Holiday Wish - 6pm and 8:30pm
Celebrate the Magic - 8pm and 11:25pm
Main Street Electrical Parade - 6:30pm
Holiday Wishes Fireworks - 7:30pm
Fantasy in the Sky Fireworks - 11:50pm

Scenes from the new live-action movie Cinderella will be show on screens around the Castle Stage through the night, and photo opportunities with the Cinderella coach will be available in the Castle Courtyard.

Dance Parties

  • Near Country Bear Jamboree, Dec 30 - 8pm to 1am, Dec 31 - 8pm to 2am.
  • Castle Stage, Dec 30 - 9:30pm to 1am, Dec 31 - 9:30pm to 2am.

Complimentary Treats

Cosmic Rays, Columbia Harbour House and Tomorrowland terrace will be handing out complimentary cookies and hot chocolate from midnight to 1:30am.

Hats and Horns

On Dec 31, hats and horns will be distributed from 4pm at Tomorrowland Speedway, Splash Mountain, Adventureland Veranda, and near Little Mermaid meet and greet.

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WhatJaneSaysJan 02, 2015

Magic Kingdom/TTC parking is back open.

TheRabbitJan 02, 2015

Has anyone else noticed that when the parking lot is "at capacity", they still always have the Scar and Cruella sections always empty? Even though they park people on every grass area around the lot, how can they consider the lot at capacity with 2 sections empty?

wdwmagicJan 02, 2015

Magic Kingdom parking lot at capacity with parking being redirected to Epcot

Tom MorrowJan 02, 2015

In past years, Soarin' has hit over 300 minutes. These wait times actually aren't nearly as bad.

SMPTE MOUSEJan 02, 2015

We got diverted to EPCOT yesterday and parked. Took us 2 hours but we lucked out and got a dining reservation at the Plaza and got into MK! Took the monorail and ended up in the park by 12:30pm! Talk about lucky. The park was beyond packed. So we Walked around the park and enjoyed the time with our little DD. Thank goodness for fastpass+

mousehockey37Jan 01, 2015

I agree. Which is why my iPhone stays on my hip and I use my Canon DSLR for photos. I also DO NOT use the view screen, I actually look through the eye cup or if I'm set up for fireworks, I have it all set up for my shutter release so that there's no light coming off the back of my camera. This is exactly what I'm talking about. It so easy to use your phone or tablet to record the fireworks, but should you? Phones are still sorta smaller than tablets but there's been a few threads about the negative uses of iPads and such during the fireworks shows.

wdwmagicJan 01, 2015

VIDEO - Happy New Year with Epcot's Reflections of Earth New Year's Eve Show

JakesterJan 01, 2015

Actually, you'd be impressed what the iphone 5s+ can take photo wise. Its the best for recording fireworks IMO.

FutureCEOJan 01, 2015

Ipads and Iphones do't even take amazing video and pictures compared to cameras

JakesterJan 01, 2015

I went to Epcot tonight, arrived and parked at 5:35pm. Managed to make it to World Showcase for the 6:00p IllumiNations. Walked around the park a few times, got a spot 1hour prior to showtime with a great, crowded, view. Leisurely walked up towards America after midnight, got into the 1:00am American Adventure Show, took 45minutes walking out and rode the tram and not once did I sit in traffic. I got to my vehicle around 2:30a.

donsullivanJan 01, 2015

I was in that same parking nightmare at Epcot. Whole lot was dead stop for close to an hour and then all of a sudden at ~2AM, whatever was causing the clog was removed and it all started to move very smoothly. I was off the property and home in almost normal time from when the clog was cleared.

WDWBryanJan 01, 2015

1st time sitting in the Epcot parking lot after New Years. Dumb move. Been sitting in my car over an hour and haven't moved. Pretty sure everyone that was in the park will have cleared out and also be in there cars soon. 12,000 cars all trying to leave at the same time

monothingieJan 01, 2015

85000 Churros? ECVs? DVC Information kiosks? :p

mousehockey37Jan 01, 2015

Also, it looked like a photographers worst nightmare, as well as just a viewing nightmare... the smoke from the fireworks was blowing TOWARDS Main Street.