Filming for the ABC Christmas Specials to take place in early November

Oct 21, 2016 in "Holidays at the Magic Kingdom"

Posted: Friday October 21, 2016 9:31am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney will be shaking up its traditional Christmas Day parade this year, with a series of specials airing throughout November and December.

Filming will take place from November 9 - 13 2016 at all four Walt Disney World theme parks. The parade itself will be filmed exclusively at Disneyland, with Disney World hosting stage show performances.

Guests will be able to view the filming, which will take place during regular park hours, but there will not be tickets made available for guests to be in the audience. 

Look for the specials to air on both ABC and Disney Channel throughout November and December.

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VJNov 25, 2016

Same exact music track for all of them. Kinda sad. And the Shanghai clip was from the grand opening gala back in June.

RteetzNov 25, 2016

Bob Iger made an appearance

RandomPrincessNov 25, 2016

We would notice all the castle lighting shows are pretty similar as well.

Sonic SunglassesNov 25, 2016

Because it's network TV and their primary objective is to dish up adverts as often as possible.

mickeyfan5534Nov 25, 2016

I can't help but be upset here. They go to all the resorts to show off a 'castle lighting' and then show clips of the nighttime spectaculars and why couldn't they have just made those the special with those musical performances in between without commercials every 5 minutes.

RteetzNov 25, 2016

I'd buy one

clemmoNov 25, 2016

Just saw Joe Rhode on tv and thought of a great new merchandise item for when avatar land opens. The mickey ears but with Joe Rhodes ears instead. Now that is immersion! Trust me they'd make billions off those things.

BoltNov 25, 2016

Incorrect. Park was open. Guests were able to use sidewalks, stores and the bypass by Oscars.

JohnDNov 25, 2016

Everyone knew about the tapings in MK because they happened while the park was open. I think the other parks were closed for other acts that performed. For example, Hollywood Blvd is blocked off at the front of the HS for the act currently airing. I'm assuming the fans are extras.

JohnDNov 25, 2016

Bumping as it is airing right now. Obviously not a parade. It's a "Holiday Celebration" with lightings of all the castles and songs/entertainment in various parks. There was also a "To be continued on Christmas Day" of a particularly family's story.

disney4life2008Nov 13, 2016

Fof at 5pm was perfect. I really wish they would offer a 3pm and a night show. It was just dark enough yesterday where the lights on the parade were great.

disney4life2008Nov 13, 2016

Pre tape on Saturday with Juliana hough and her brother.

disneymagic1Nov 08, 2016

Will they be filming any parade portion, I thought it was all performances so what will they be filming on main street?

BoltNov 08, 2016

They're in multiple parks on the same day, too.