ABC Christmas Day Parade - 'Disney Parks Frozen Christmas Celebration' taping scheduled for second week of December

Nov 14, 2014 in "Holidays at the Magic Kingdom"

Posted: Friday November 14, 2014 10:04am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

The taping of the ABC Christmas Day Parade will be held on December 8 and 9 2014 at the Magic Kingdom.

Guests in the park during the filming days will be able to take part, although special tickets will not be made available to guests.

This year's parade marks a departure from previous years, and is expected to be heavily based around the 'Frozen' movie. The title for this year's parade is "Disney Parks Frozen Christmas Celebration."

The Disneyland Resort in California filmed its segments last week.

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prberkJul 07, 2015

Why, when you have the interwebs to think for you? (Sadly, I know some people who would really answer this way.)

OliveMcFlyJul 07, 2015

I choosing Chernabog for my first born.

SonconatoJul 07, 2015

I don't know, but it seems important: Seriously, though. Can't anyone think on their own? Sheeple...

OliveMcFlyJul 07, 2015

What's Frozen? :hilarious:

BoltJul 04, 2015

Sunday-Tuesday primarily

PhilharMagicianJul 04, 2015

Yeah, forgot that they changed the schedule last year. I think it was like a Tuesday and Wednesday instead of over the weekend. Been there many times on Saturday when they are taping and it is absolute chaos.

SonconatoJul 03, 2015

What's a little sad is I have never seen the movie and because of excessive overload, I really have no interest in ever seeing it!

Animaniac93-98Jul 03, 2015

No Dave, I'm pretty sure it's October 31. ;)

JWGJul 03, 2015

yea.... more Frozen.... Wooooooooo........ even my daughter has gotten passed this. She had her 18 month run and has moved on.

PhotoDave219Jul 03, 2015

Christmas is December 25th. Every year.

psherman42Jul 03, 2015

Please no.

BoltJul 03, 2015

As a reminder, last year did not follow the same pattern as previous years.

Cmdr_CrimsonJul 03, 2015

Dear lord I hope not.....

Brer PantherJul 03, 2015

So, is it gonna be themed to Frozen again?