Second seating added to the Frozen Holiday Premium Package at Disney's Hollywood Studios for the sold-out holiday period

Nov 11, 2014 in "Holidays at Disney's Hollywood Studios"

Posted: Tuesday November 11, 2014 10:52am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

A second seating has been added for the Frozen Holiday Premium Package during select dates around the sold-out busiest holiday period.

The second seating is now being offered from December 25 to January 1 2014, 5:30pm - 7:00pm. The original, and now sold-out seating for those nights is from 8pm - 9:30pm.

Included in the event is:

  • Reserved seating for 'For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration.'

  • A Frozen themed dessert party (including alcohol) at the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights, with reserved viewing at the end of the Streets of America. The desert party takes place from 7pm to 8:30pm until December 24, and from December 25 to January 4 from 5:30pm to 7pm and 8:30pm to 10pm.

  • A special holiday lithograph and Frozen themed pin.

The Disney’s Hollywood Studios Frozen Holiday Premium Package costs $89 per adult, and $59 for ages 3-9, plus tax and theme park admission. Reservations can be made now by calling 407 939 1854. 

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JohnDNov 12, 2014

Maybe the Villians Soire at MNSSHP didn't make enough revenue. I mean, a paid event inside a paid event? Really?

BuddyThomasNov 12, 2014

Really?? You've apparently never seen him on a tipping thread.

RSoxNo1Nov 12, 2014

What's surprising is that they didn't do an upcharge event as part of the Very Merry Christmas Party. I expected a premium Anna and Elsa meet and greet.

DisneyWorld30thNov 11, 2014

It's funny. I was at WDW last week and I kept saying that all week!

Pixie VaVoomNov 11, 2014

you know - at just under $400 for a family of 4, for this event... I think I would take the $400 and hire an actress to dress up as Elsa and throw a freakin' Christmas party in my rec room. She could sing songs, decorate the tree, hand out some presents, sign autographs, we could even all eat a REAL dinner. I mean Turkey, and stuffing, and gravy...AND PIE !!! oh Yeah PIE !!!

RAXIPNov 11, 2014

It's where the trams turned around.

monorail81Nov 11, 2014

Does anyone know which end of the Streets of America they are setting up the dessert party? Is it close to the Empire State building or down by the bathrooms for LMA? Or perhaps the where the trams used to turn around? Just wondering...

FutureCEONov 11, 2014

wdwmagicNov 11, 2014

Second seating added to the Frozen Holiday Premium Package at Disney's Hollywood Studios for the sold-out holiday period

AEfxOct 16, 2014

We know short term thinking is the way it is these days - but in this case, it's really dumb - this is short-short-term thinking, because the folks they are going to rip off with this are also a lot of folks who will complain quite a bit online. Folks that are in the category that will pay for this are also in the category that will complain to high heck if they don't like what they get. Very few folks are going to dump $400 to take a family to this and not expect a bit more than what I think they will end up getting. I mean, if you don't know about the lights, a reserved area might sound good - but when you have something that the whole point is to walk around, having a little roped off area is not something that you really want. And the "reserved" seating for the show? Sorry, I'd rather have a seat a bit further back for several reasons even if I had the option. So basically you are paying for a 1.5 hour desert bar, and I just can't see exit reviews and online reviews aside from a few completely gone lifestylers that will recommend this after seeing what it turns out to be.

Mike SOct 16, 2014

The people running WDW have a new mantra with all these upcharges, "there's a sucker born every minute".

AEfxOct 16, 2014

That's just it. These new "offerings" seem so pathetically tiny that it's hard to look at that cost and believe anyone does it. That said - on the other hand, I'm sure to one segment of guests it's great - those who want to throw extra money around at WDW (the "hey I want to live it up" one time) and aren't smart enough to know or care about the actual "value" of the offerings. This is a new "low" though, really - in terms of nothingness. If they are going to do this kind of stuff and charge these kinds of prices, the offerings need to be worth it or they are going to be hard pressed to get even the lifestylers to talk them up (as happened with the villains party). I'd at least expect personal appearances by Anna and Elsa, especially for an hour and a half party that is gonna hit $100PP once you add tax, etc. Basically, they are feeding on "low information" visitors with expendable dollars because that's the only audience for this. Disney makes fabulous desert buffets, but seriously - it's hard to imagine the cajones it took to offer this package at a price higher than a "party" night at MK.

BigTxEarsOct 15, 2014

To me it's like most things in life for sale (and that is all Disney is, a experience for sale) we all have our different beliefs on what "value" is when considering rather to buy to not. The day that I think WDW is not a value for my money I will stop going, it's that simple to me. I agree this one is over priced, but that is to me and my family. Others feel it is worth it to them. I took loads of crap on here because I spent $70 for the wind down at Epcot this year, that was worth every penny to me. It's none of my business what folks do with their money, I don't walk by people in the store and say "your going to pay that much none for that!" :) I bought MLB season tickets for 2015 (Go Astros!) and I paid a lower to medium price per seat compared to the "great" seats. Now I think some of those "good" seats are too high priced, but clearly others disagree with me. Who am I to criticize them for that? Yet on here some feel the need to do just that, I just don't agree with that.

prberkOct 15, 2014

I think the difference is that the pay to play more was not stratospheric pricing. It was simply a ticketing system similar to most entertainment venues. More tickets did cost more money, but they were not crazy prices. Remember Walt said to leave them with a nickel in their hand (as in money to take home, not just a nickel) and they would be happy and more likely to come back. Roy was always getting after Walt for spending so much money on the parks and movies that he had to constantly find more ways to finance Walt's dreams. I remember a story where a visiting dignitary wanted to visit Disneyland but felt like they needed to close it for him to visit. Walt would not do it, saying everyone was a special guest. The idea, I think, is that it is useful to have cool things, and upcharges might be appropriate for some things, but this one is crazy overpriced for what you get -- and Disney seems to have a lot of those these days. Now compare that to the Disneyland Hotel "signature suites" that I saw you respond to in the other forum. Those truly are amazing. The price point may make the difference, though, as to whether it works. But the person staying there does have a truly unique experience for the upgrade. I think most "naysayers" here remember that Disney was always a high-quality experience for everyone, even those who did not or could not afford the extras, in earlier days. You even said that you could not afford the extra tickets back in the day but still enjoyed the fact that you were in the parks. The details were there for you to see and experience, and they cared about them. So, I think I understand you. It is OK to have extra experiences for additional price. But the main admission price is already out of sight, and these upcharges are crazy overpriced. We want to see the quality and attention to detail to match it -- some actual specials, like the reasonable e-ride nights mentioned above.