PHOTOS - Holiday decorations go up at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Nov 09, 2016 in "Holidays at Disney's Hollywood Studios"

Disney's Hollywood Studios holiday decorations 2016
Posted: Wednesday November 9, 2016 3:06pm EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

Holiday decorations and a Christmas Tree are now up at Disney's Hollywood Studios, the second park at Walt Disney World to begin the holiday season.

The park's Christmas Tree continues to be positioned at the front of the park, complete with PhotoPass for a photo opportunity.

Like in previous years, most the decorations are concentrated along Hollywood Blvd, and this year there are new garland and other pieces, including a couple strung overhead.

Click the gallery for more photos of holiday decorations at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

This will be the first year in some time that the park has not hosted the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights, although there will be a holiday show - Jingle Bell, Jingle BAM!, beginning November 14 2016.

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MagicHappens1971Nov 12, 2016

Also wanted to note that I was in HS today and I love the new garland, and that in the pictures posted by @wdwmagic you were still able to see the rope that holds them up, they put a string of garland across to cover that up. I meant to take a picture, and I forgot. I personally prefered it without the garland across the top rope

JustInTimeNov 11, 2016

I really like them.

OliveMcFlyNov 10, 2016

As far as I know nothing similar is coming to replace it.

EvilChameleonNov 10, 2016

Speaking of, anything replacing that? I loved the idea of an entire "street" covered, absolutely covered, in lights.

peter11435Nov 10, 2016

Yes. Although it is something they used to do years ago but was stopped when they started block party bash.

JustInTimeNov 10, 2016

Are the garlands that drape across the street new?

OliveMcFlyNov 10, 2016

Looks great. It'll still be an odd feeling not to see the Osborne Lights but good things are to come.

HiYa PalNov 10, 2016

I'm surprised they took Muppets Courtyard so much more "traditional" I loved the crazy rope lights of years past....

MagicHappens1971Nov 09, 2016

I know, I just miss it :(

JohnDNov 09, 2016

Because of the tall floats of FOF, they can't do that.

MagicHappens1971Nov 09, 2016

Thank you. I thought so. I love the garland across Hollywood Blvd, I wish it could still be like that at MK.

MagicHappens1971Nov 09, 2016

Unless I'm remembering wrong, a lot of these decorations are new.

wdwmagicNov 09, 2016

PHOTOS - Holiday decorations go up at Disney's Hollywood Studios