PHOTOS - ABC and Disney Channel Holiday Specials filming today at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Nov 07, 2019 in "Holidays at Disney's Hollywood Studios"

ABC Holiday Specials filming at Disney's Hollywood Studios 2019
Posted: Thursday November 7, 2019 11:54am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney's Hollywood Studios is the first filming location for this year's ABC and Disney Channel Holiday Specials.

Production crews are setup on Hollywood Blvd., with guests being redirected to Sunset Blvd via the Oscars bypass.

Ally Brooke is one of the performers taking to the stage today. You can read more about the performer lineup here.

Production will move to the Magic Kingdom next on November 9 and 10.

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WDW862Nov 07, 2019


MotherOfBirdsNov 07, 2019

You just described Megacon.

TJJohn12Nov 07, 2019

*Just* found it as you were posting. ;-)

NunuNov 07, 2019

TJJohn12Nov 07, 2019

Anybody grab photos of the Oscar's bypass? I've never been there when it's in use.

HauntedPirateNov 07, 2019

Take one Christmas Day Parade that was excellent and done live for years, with top-notch entertainers and singers. Remove the live element. Remove the top-notch entertainers and singers. Turn it into a 90 minute infomercial. Then add 2-3 more "specials", because if one Christmas parade is good, then 3 Christmas specials are better (According to Iger/Chapek-logic), further watering down the "talent" used. Then, wonder why people don't tune in like they used to. Maybe because IT'S NOT SPECIAL ANYMORE??? I'll give them getting Sting to perform (the singer, not the wrestler ;) ). Nostalgia sells, remember. The rest... :bored::facepalm:

networkproNov 07, 2019

The Christmas parade show, now more performances than parade, is purely a marketing vehicle for the parks, the channels, and the other products of the Disney Company.

MickeyMouse10Nov 07, 2019

I wish they didn't have so many Disney Channel caliber singers. They are so overly sweet they make my teeth ache. I'd much rather hear Country singers with talent. Who don't need to lip sync with the same generic machine music that Brittney Spears used, back when she was hot.

MickeyMouse10Nov 06, 2019

Ahhhhhh Christmas, Tis the season to be inappropriately close to strangers who don't believe in wearing deodorant. And waiting in long lines where people play loud guessing games with no disregard to the people around them. Ahhhhhh Merry Christmas.

Victor KellyNov 06, 2019

She is not resurrected, she is a Force ghost like old Ben.😁 I remember always watching this every Christmas. They used to film in December but with them doing so many individual segments they need a lot of production time. I have not watched this for a long time because I lost interest. I was also there ONE and only one Christmas day, never will do that again, ever. Complete insanity. They closed the gates by 9:30 because they hit capacity. We shared a four person table with another family making it an 8 person table. Turns out they lived 2 streets from us. By 11:30 we were on the way to Epcot. The parking lot to Mk was full. Overflow went on the grass at Contemporary where the convention center now stands. And there were cars parked on the sides or World Drive. Different times back then, and it was 1986. Too......many.......people. Epcot Center was barely any people. Walked on all the major attractions, ate wherever we wanted.

RambozoNov 04, 2019

That Banks guy from Attractions Magazines is usually there for the tapings. It's hard to miss him, because he's 300 and something pounds.

GoPatriots19Nov 04, 2019

Will we know before hand who will be performing? Forgot how it went last year