Tree of Life Awakenings Holiday Edition to return at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Nov 08, 2023 in "Holidays at Disney's Animal Kingdom"

Posted: Wednesday November 8, 2023 7:09am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Tree of Life Awakenings Holiday Edition will return to Disney's Animal Kingdom beginning November 11, 2023.

The wintery tales projected on the Tree of Life will be performed nightly throughout the holiday season.

The best viewing location is directly in front of the Tree of Life, with shows playing continuously after sunset.

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Brian18 days ago

I would also like to see snowcapped turrets and a little garland worked in. But I'll certainly take the OG Dreamlights back. It's really so stunning in person.

yensidtlaw196918 days ago

Oh I agree that projections are insufficient. I just think the Dreamlights weren't quite all that, even at their best. I would also be plenty thrilled with a winter overlay that's closer in line with what Disneyland does. Of course their castle is much smaller and easier to decorate in this way, but the snow-capped roofs make such a tremendous positive difference in both the daytime and nighttime look (their icicles could use some work though, they don't look so hot during the day)

wdwmagic18 days ago

They did get pretty quick at the install in later years, and it was a true wow moment for guests when lit. Projections don't come close.

MisterPenguin19 days ago

Everything's an LED!! Everything's an LED!!

bmr159119 days ago

Putting a ton of LEDs in the walls of the castle would make perfect dreamlights, not be an eyesore during the day, and let them be used for other shows.

aladdin200719 days ago

Just me but I would rather them restore the castle back to its original colors instead of covering it in lights.....granted the lights are seasonal...but just saying in terms of money being spent...........I guess though it will be eons before we ever see it happen. :rolleyes:

mattpeto19 days ago

They need to do something to bolster their Christmas offerings. And Halloween. Really surprised Villains didn’t make it back, they went with Enchantment for an AH draw instead.

yensidtlaw196919 days ago

This may be an unpopular opinion, but the Dreamlights never quite earned their keep for me. They take forever to install, muck up the face of the castle during the day, and look kind of cool at night but not as sophisticated as I think they should. I wish they'd just find a way to run Fiber Optics all over the castle, take a season to install them properly, and then keep them permanently to be used mainly just at Christmas Time. Maybe an occasional punctuating moment of magic in a Fireworks show or the Kiss Goodnight. Something that you wouldn't know was there unless you really looked for it, but could still make the castle sparkle on command.

CntrlFlPete19 days ago

I assume they would just projection map the castle these days. about six weeks of people complaining that a crane ruined their once in a lifetime trip ;)

wdwmagic19 days ago

200,000 LEDs

mattpeto19 days ago


mattpeto19 days ago

That doesn't feel low enough to get the Dreamlights back, but I guess we'll see.

pigglewiggle19 days ago

What are Dreamlights?

jrhwdw19 days ago

Frozen Holiday Surprise with Castle Dreamlights? Also, is POE Tag too much to Ask????????