New entertainment coming to Holidays Around the World at Epcot

Nov 14, 2014 in "Epcot International Festival of the Holidays"

Posted: Friday November 14, 2014 9:16am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

Holidays Around the World at Epcot begins November 28, and Disney has today announced details of some new experiences that will be joining returning favorites.

According to the post on the official Disney Parks Blog there will be new acts in Mexico, Morocco and China.

"In Mexico, guests will enjoy the songs and traditions of “Fiesta de Navidad,” featuring colorful dancers and mariachis, who celebrate the holiday customs of Mexico in an interactive, musical performance. A Moroccan storyteller invites guests to join her on a journey to experience the gaiety of festivals, holiday traditions, and celebrations that are like the “spice of life” across Morocco. And the China pavilion bursts to life with the vibrant Chinese Lion Dance, bringing good fortune and happiness to all in honor of major holidays such as the Lunar New Year and Lantern Festival."

Holidays Around the World at Epcot takes place from November 28 through to December 29, and is included with park entrance.
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Thumper 32Nov 16, 2014

Now that I've bashed the quality of the blog posts, here are some actual thoughts on the announcement. A lion dance in China should be exciting. I've never been a huge fan of the Monkey King show, but that might be cause I've always had bad luck seeing an obviously white guy trying to do a bad Chinese accent. And it was just not as fun or entertaining compared to other ones like Norway or UK. The Morocco change isn't surprising, as the previous storyteller show tied in to MoRockin. The new one has potential to be a good new refresh. Mexico is the one that will be very interesting. At one extreme, they could be taking a cue from the awesome Viva Navidad show at DCA and doing a fun new offering. At the other, it could be taking the super cheap route and eliminating three Equity actors (three kings) to just have the existing mariachi group play a christmas song. The current announcement is fairly vague, and the answer is probably somewhere in the middle. But I can't wait to find out in a few weeks.

disney4life2008Nov 15, 2014

It was sarcasm lol.

BoltNov 15, 2014

I almost read that as sarcasm, but I think you were serious. Holidays Around The World doesn't start for two more weeks.

Thumper 32Nov 15, 2014

Well, they have now updated the food post on the blog. But rather than fix the parts that were wrong, they just deleted everything about Morocco, China, and Mexico. I guess it's easier to just delete parts than actually edit it so people can still have the info about the foods in those countries. Such laziness!

disney4life2008Nov 15, 2014

I was at epcot last night and i counted 7 Christmas trees. 6 in back of the ball and 1 guest services. It was pathetic. But I assume the holidays has not started at epcot yet lol

KillnmeNov 15, 2014

I can't believe this!

grdxribeiroNov 15, 2014

What!?! no more Monkey King.

TheRabbitNov 15, 2014

I read that members of Off Kilter are returning to Epcot for the holidays as The Canadian Holiday Voyageurs. Anyone hear anything about this?

Horizons1Nov 14, 2014

Sorry. It's all Frozen now.

KillnmeNov 14, 2014

What!?! no more Monkey King. Him and the Norway dude are the best!

wdwmagicNov 14, 2014

Candlelight, Peace on earth - runt through to Dec 30. The Storytellers run through to the 29th.

RSoxNo1Nov 14, 2014

I suspect some components will not be showing on 12/30 due to crowds. The Peace on Earth tag will show on 12/30 and 12/31, but only the early show on 12/31. The midnight show on 12/31 is typically a different New Years tag.

Kevin_WNov 14, 2014

Wdwmagic post says through December 29, Disneyparksblog says through the 30th. do we know which one is correct? We're going down for the new year and arrive on 12/30 so it makes a bit of difference to us!

Thumper 32Nov 14, 2014

Man, Disney communications is a mess. Just a few days ago, the parks blog posted the story about food offerings for the holidays. And in that article, they specifically mention each of the three prior storytellers in Mexico, Morroxco, and China (three kings, drummer, monkey king). Then today they finally announce these new acts, which were also teased in the holiday press release a few weeks back. Why can't they get their stories straight?