Holiday Kitchen line-up for the 2023 EPCOT International Festival of the Holidays

Oct 05, 2023 in "Epcot International Festival of the Holidays"

Posted: Thursday October 5, 2023 12:03p ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Alongside today's news of Candlelight Processional performers and dining packages, Disney has released the complete line-up of Holiday Kitchens for this year's EPCOT International Festival of the Holidays.

Full menus are still to come, but here are all the kiosks for 2023 available November 24 to December 30, 2023.

American Holiday Table (American Adventure Pavilion)

Enjoy a savory salute to the season—with traditional dishes reminiscent of grandma’s cooking.

Bavaria Holiday Kitchen (Germany Pavilion)

Willkommen! Help yourself to heartwarming holiday cuisine and German beverages.

Bubbles & Brine (near Port of Entry)

Indulge in succulent seafood that pairs beautifully with Champagne.

Char & Chop (near Disney Traders)

Stop by this butchery-inspired holiday kitchen for gourmet meats.

Holiday Hearth Desserts (The Odyssey Pavilion)

Cozy up with sweet treats, hot cocoa, blissful brews and more.

Holiday Sweets & Treats (near Port of Entry)

Rock around the Christmas tree with cookies, hot cocoa and specialty sips sure to top the “nice” list.

L'Chaim! Holiday Kitchen (between the Morocco and France Pavilions)

Propose a toast to life as you enjoy classic deli noshes with a side of New York flair.

Las Posadas Holiday Kitchen (Mexico Pavilion)

Feliz Navidad! Take your taste buds south of the border to celebrate the season.

Le Marché de Noël Holiday Kitchen (France Pavilion)

Feast on très magnifique fare. Plus, refresh your spirit with specialty cocktails.

Nochebuena Cucina (near Test Track presented by Chevrolet)

Spice up your holiday with delicious dishes packed with bold Latin flavors.

Shanghai Holiday Kitchen (China Pavilion)

Have yourself a merry little meal, with popular Chinese plates and potables.

Shi Wasu Holiday Kitchen (Japan Pavilion)

Please your palate with festive dishes and drinks from the Land of the Rising Sun.

Swirled Showcase (near Port of Entry)

Cool off with whimsical frozen treats and chilled beverages.

Tangierine Café: Flavors of the Medina (Morocco Pavilion)

Embark on a culinary adventure to Morocco—featuring grilled kebabs, hard cider and more.

Tuscany Holiday Kitchen (Italy Pavilion)

Mangiare! Savor a seasonal take on some of the world’s best-loved food and beverages.

Wine & Wedge (near Disney Traders)

Snack on artisanal cheeses and accoutrements—which pair well with wine, port and more.

Yukon Holiday Kitchen (Canada Pavilion)

Jingle your bells with delightful dishes and libations from the Great White North.

Additional Locations

Each offering special menu items in addition to the regular menu.

  • Funnel Cake (American Adventure Pavilion)
  • Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company (multiple locations at EPCOT)
  • Refreshment Outpost (between the China and Germany Pavilions)
  • Refreshment Port (near Canada)
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DisneyDreamerxyzDec 18, 2023

someone mentioned putting screens up that would show video to those who can't see well or are not in the first few rows and I think that would be amazing! For those wondering, these are the changes to the show in the last few years... 1) Let There Be Peace On Earth added as finale song (was cut over a decade ago) 2) Do You Hear What I Hear added back into the show (was cut over a decade ago) 3) The French Carol il est né le divin enfant was cut (replaced by Do You Hear What I Hear) 4) Joy To The World and Handels Messiah was merged into a one song medley (most likely for time) 5) In 2022, Voices sung a medley at the beginning of the show that was actually the originally from 1994 (see below), however in 2023, it was cut for time, but a new medley was put in the show they sing at the end. 6) The Cast Choir used to sing Hark the Herald Angels Sing, this year it was cut for time. However Voices of Liberty does sing a verse of it in their end medley. 7) New in 2023 is a new arrangement of Away in the Manger (it's not actually new but a different, more upbeat version that what was sung previously) Phylicia Rashad was the first narrator at Epcot, and her version was recorded for the CD that used to be sold in stores around Epcot. Hear is a video of her narrating (unsure if this is from 1994 or later, because she came back a few times after as well)

James AlucobondDec 17, 2023

I would rather see them kill the America Gardens Theatre than expand it. They could easily put a more substantial theater somewhere else that doesn't block the lagoon and the Golden Dream.

TouchdownDec 17, 2023

Not with the Christmas Party also occurring at MK. I suspect they much prefer to sell dining packages due to seat scarcity then build a theatre where there is enough seats that you don’t need a dining package. As it stands right now you can hear everything from the plaza in front of AA anyways.

GringrinngghostDec 17, 2023

All I am saying is that, the larger the show, the bigger the trees in the theatre feel more like a nuisance then an aesthetic choice. Candlelight is honestly at the point that if they were to have built the theater in MK, I could have seen them move it there.

BrianDec 17, 2023

Pricing isn't always indicative of demand. The three other concert series aren't known for their lengthy standby queues. Certainly you won't see a queue stretching back to Norway for Mandy Gonzalez and Michael James Scott.

GringrinngghostDec 17, 2023

Dining package pricing says otherwise.

CompedDec 17, 2023

Or, dare I say it, bring the show back to MK. Where we know how many Main Street can hold. Terribly idea logistically, but certainly faithful to the show pre-1994.

BrianDec 17, 2023

It doesn't make sense to get rid of the trees for an event that takes place for roughly one month out of the year, while demand isn't nearly as high the rest of the year. If they'd like to accommodate more people, they should look at hosting the event somewhere larger, like World ShowPlace. They could also do a virtual queue for the show.

ToriDec 17, 2023

I really wish they would get rid of the trees and extend the roof

GringrinngghostDec 17, 2023

For anyone who hasn't seen but wanted to see Branden Fraser, I did make this one, and the show is about 98% subtitled. Interesting note on the last show for Branden Fraser, there was a wider soundstage on the orchestra, and I think they were a bit too hot in the mix, especially with the trumpets, but considering they were counteracting the wind... Not to mention, as the show appears to have bigger crowds it seems these days, the trees in the theatre are more starting to feel more like a nuisance, then an aesthetic benefit, especially as they had reserved seating line go all the way back to France, while the standby was apparently at one point back to Norway.

DisoneDec 16, 2023

That's a good point. Perhaps the motivation here is to pay a little bit more for the talent and make it up for it with lower cost of the logistics. It's anyone's guess whether the cost of those logistics is greater or less than the cost of eight additional voices of liberty.... I'm sure there can be a healthy debate about that, but either way I feel it resulted in a less impressive current version than what they were previously doing.

MisterPenguinDec 16, 2023

They make up for it in volume.

BrianDec 16, 2023

They're not cheap to begin with, but especially not when compared to other CMs that will do it for free.

castlecake2.0Dec 16, 2023

Interesting change as now they’re paying double the amount of Voices compared to the previous set up