Brand new 'Frozen' experiences coming to Disney's Hollywood Studios this summer

Jun 26, 2014 in "'Frozen' Summer Fun - Live at Disney's Hollywood Studios"

Posted: Thursday June 26, 2014 1:33pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

'Frozen' is about to take center stage at Disney's Hollywood Studios for the summer.

Disney is responding to the huge popularity of the 'Frozen' movie with a brand new range of experiences at the Studios, including an Anna and Elsa procession through the park, a show in the Premiere Theater, ice skating in Soundstage 1, and a brand new 'Frozen' fireworks show.

Although Anna and Elsa will be appearing in the Royal Welcome, the Premiere Theater show, and the fireworks show, they will not be appearing for meet and greets. The Magic Kingdom's Princess Fairytale Hall continues to be the only Frozen meet and greet location at Walt Disney World. During the events, Olaf will appear on screen, but not as an in-park character. FastPass+ is not expected to be part of any of the experiences.

The fun begins on July 5 and runs through daily until September 1 2014, and here are the full details of what is in store.

  • Anna’s & Elsa’s Royal Welcome: Each day at 11 a.m., Anna and Elsa, riding in a horse-drawn sleigh, will travel in a royal procession down Hollywood Boulevard. Rugged mountain man Kristoff is along for the fun joined by a flurry of skaters, skiers and ice cutters, all dressed in their Arendelle best.

  • For The First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration: Inside the park’s Premiere Theater, Princess Anna and Queen Elsa join the Royal Historians of Arendelle for a fun and comedic retelling of the history of their kingdom amidst projections, lighting and special effects. Guests will be invited to join in special sing-along moments from the film’s chart-topping soundtrack. At the end of the performance, guests might find themselves becoming “Honorary Citizens of Arendelle.” The 20-minute show will be presented multiple times each day.

  • Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post & Frozen Funland: There’s a “big summer blowout” happening inside the park’s Soundstage One, where Oaken – the film’s trading post owner – and his cousins have created the “Frozen Funland” amidst a winter wonderland. Living up to its name, there will be plenty of frozen festivities inside the makeshift adventure park Oaken and his cousins built to make the most of the sudden snowstorm. Part of the Oaken’s Frozen Funland will be an ice skating rink with demonstrations by some of Oaken’s talented cousins on the Arendelle ice.

    In addition, icy artisans will put their talents on display, creating carvings of favorite “Frozen” characters from giant frozen blocks. Kids can enjoy frozen wintertime activities in the “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” area. For all of his Frozen Funland friends, Oaken has plenty of merchandise at his Trading Post, along with hot cocoa and sweet treats available for purchase.

    Guests can take pictures with the film’s animated characters in a virtual setting, and then email them or share on their social media channels.

    When guests want to escape the icy atmosphere of Oaken’s outpost, all they have to do is look for the door marked “Sauna,” where they once again will exit to the warm Florida sun.
  • Coolest Summer Ever Dance Party: From 5:30-9:30 p.m. each evening, a live band will take the stage to celebrate the Frozen summer fun with contemporary songs and a few familiar tunes from the film.

  • Take-Along Olaf: As a special feature before the fireworks, guests will have a chance to be a part of a pre-show celebration by hashtagging photos of themselves in the park with a “Take-Along Olaf.” Throughout the day, Take-Along Olafs will be distributed at various locations in the park. Guests are then invited to take Olaf along with them on their Disney’s Hollywood Studios adventures. By sharing their photos with the unique hashtag #OlafSummerVacation, their photos may appear on the big screen in this special pre-show feature.

  • Frozen Fireworks: At 9:45pm each evening, the giant Sorcerer Mickey Hat on Hollywood Blvd. gets the full Frozen treatment with special projections of snow and ice images, in an eye-popping spectacular above Hollywood Blvd. Set to the film’s soundtrack, the fireworks show will feature some special guests – including a very magical appearance from Elsa in which she will show how her powers flurry “through the air and to the ground” to produce magically icy blue and white gleaming fireworks.
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Marc GilSep 28, 2014

Well.... Ending tomorrow.

JoseSep 18, 2014


KristoffgirlSep 18, 2014

Isn't Kristoff also supposed to be appearing in the Christmas parade, along with Anna and Elsa?

SoccerMickeySep 18, 2014

Well it seems Frozen has made its way over to the Bill & Ted show at Halloween Horror Nights this year. The show this year features a full-figured Elsa with a Sno-cone singing "I Let Myself Go"

mm52200Sep 18, 2014

Every time I've gone on POTC the FP+ side is full of people, whether or not they're FP+ or standby. I've been sent over there as both FP+ and as a standby rider. Back on topic, I really wish that they would have kept the Frozen fireworks. I know they're expensive to put on but yet they brought in so many more people to the park in the evening(or atleast it seemed like it) and it was nice to have an additional nighttime spectacular besides Fantasmic. Honestly I wish they could have found some way to keep the processional too. I know the floats are in the Christmas parade but it was just nice having some kind of parade back at DHS. The park really needs it.

doctornickSep 17, 2014

People have said that they do and people have said that they don't. It obviously depends on the ride CMs, but they absolutely should be putting standby riders on the FP+ side of POTC if FP+ is not filled. Any CM not doing that is simply not doing their job properly.

note2001Sep 17, 2014

There are rumors here about DHS being renamed to DHA, where A = Adventure. Perhaps the third time's the charm?

MichWolvSep 17, 2014

Something like Disney's Hollywood Celebration would work better. But there hasn't been any chance of it being a working studio for a decade or more, so I don't think removal of SS1 necessitates removing "Studios" if all the previous changes didn't.

UofMGuy423Sep 17, 2014

So if SS1 falls to a TSMM expansion, then why even have "studios" in the park's name. It will have no hope of ever being a working studio again and have little resemblance to what it was when it opened.

DznyGrlSDSep 17, 2014

this is what I've been needing - thank you, as always @wdwmagic

BoltSep 17, 2014

Fireworks are difficult with Spectacle because on some nights, if it's windy, the street needs to be cleared out well in advance of fireworks. Spectacle runs one hour after park close so they would potentially run into guest dissatisfaction that way, too.

GiveMeTheMusicSep 17, 2014

Which they don't do at Pirates.

doctornickSep 17, 2014

Agreed. You could always send standby over to the FP+ (original) load to fill it if FP+ isn't fully utilizing it.

ToTBellHopSep 17, 2014

I have heard this but it just seems backwards to me. Shouldn't it be 2/3 capacity in the current building FP+, 1/3 capacity in the expansion for standby? I realize, of course, that this is all speculation (about something unprecedented).