VIDEO - See the Frozen Fireworks spectacular from multiple angles throughout the park

Oct 14, 2014 in "'Frozen' Summer Fun - Live at Disney's Hollywood Studios"

Frozen Summer Fun may have melted away, but today we've got a look back at one of the highlights of the event, the Frozen Fireworks show.

Featuring onstage appearances by the stars of the movie, and brilliantly arranged pyrotechnics performed to some of the movies most popular songs, the show brought back memories of Sorcery in the Sky, and just how good nightly firework shows can be at the Studios.

This video gives a rather unique look at the show, combining 5 different viewing positions into one video. The scale of the show made it difficult to be in a perfect position for the show, with some parts looking their best from a distance, and others ending a closeup position. The video attempts to capture the best of the show from each position.

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Article Posted: Oct 14, 2014 / 9:35am EDT