Frozen Sing-Along Celebration available on FastPass+ from tomorrow

Sep 01, 2014 in "'Frozen' Summer Fun - Live at Disney's Hollywood Studios"

Posted: Monday September 1, 2014 12:01pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

'For The First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration' will join the ranks of FastPass+ attractions from tomorrow at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

The show, which takes place inside the park's Premiere Theater, had previously used a paper-ticketed return standby system, but from September 2 2014 it will be available on FastPass+ via My Disney Experience. The Frozen Sing-Along joins the FastPass+ ranks as a Tier 2 grouped attraction. Learn more about attraction tier grouping for FastPass+.

Princess Anna and Queen Elsa join the Royal Historians of Arendelle for a retelling of the history of their kingdom amidst projections, lighting and special effects. Guests are invited to join in special sing-along moments from the film’s soundtrack. The 20-minute show will be presented multiple times each day.

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durangojimSep 14, 2014

Just got a fp for November 3. On the disney site it looks like it's performing through January

BigTxEarsSep 05, 2014

Don't be jinxing me! :)

FigmentsFangirlSep 05, 2014

Hopefully if it is still there by then...

BigTxEarsSep 05, 2014

OH I am so going to FP this in Jan :)

BoltSep 03, 2014

I suppose the benefit would be reserving a 7pm show and not having to get to the park at 9am and getting the ticket to make sure you had a spot.

Disneydreamer23Sep 02, 2014

Got mine to!

Animaniac93-98Sep 02, 2014

A note from KennyThePirate: "A friend attended the first Frozen Sing-a-long with FP+ today. She said they were still distributing paper return tickets too, so there's no real benefit of using FP+. No special seating area either."

mitchkSep 02, 2014

I got it about a hour ago, I had to switch all my FPs to get it though. The good thing was after I got it, it was for 3:25, I was able to chage it to 12:25, it was a perfect fit, with my luch, and other fast passes!

JoMarchSep 02, 2014

I added the "Frozen - Sing Along" FP+ today for 9/15. I had to delete one of my earlier FP+ choices though... I called 1-800-848-6413, Option #3.

mitchkSep 02, 2014

I'm trying to get one for the 18th, but it's not showing up:(

FigmentsFangirlSep 02, 2014

Got the FP+ today for three on thursday {4th Sept} Didn't see anything of ending. Going to assume a fastpass is needed because the old AIE location had FP return line ? If they move it over there it makes sense. Just need to make it feel like Arendelle

jjnshaneSep 02, 2014

I would look to see this show continue for a while. I know several people who were in entertainment and were put on an equity contract to continue this show.

mitchkSep 02, 2014

I don't see it up yet as FP option :confused:

FerretAfrosSep 02, 2014

Will there also be a standby option for the show? From my limited understanding of the paper ticket system, you must have a ticket to be admitted into the theater. It seems like they could be putting themselves in a bad situation where FP+ could run out before the park opens, essentially blocking off-site guests from seeing the show