Downtown Disney's Festival of the Masters event cancelled for 2014

Aug 20, 2014 in "Festival of the Masters"

Posted: Wednesday August 20, 2014 4:24pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The annual Festival of the Masters event at Downtown Disney has been cancelled for this year, and a return in future years remains to be decided.

Due to the large amount of construction and parking restrictions currently underway as part of the Disney Springs redevelopment, Disney has determined that it will not be possible to host the show.

Taking place each November, the annual event hosted hundreds of award winning artists in an exhibition and art marketplace. In recent years, the festival has expanded to include food and drink offerings.

It is unclear what the future of the event will be, and if it will return in later years at Disney Springs or elsewhere on Walt Disney World property.

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Tatertot58Aug 25, 2014

Very disappointed in the late announcement of the cancellation. I understand construction and all but you would think as big as Disney is there is another area. This would have been the 39th year for the festival. It would be a shame to cancel it permanently. I have alwaysy purchased some art at this festival and was looking forward to doing so this year as we had booked our vacation in February around this schedule as well as the Food and Wine Festival. You don't see them cutting back on running events and I am sure there were more people at this festival than at the running events.

IgnohippoAug 21, 2014

I'm sure the doubt about next year is more likely because of the unknowns of construction. I don't see this thing going away permanently. If anything, with the expansion of Disney springs, it could be much, much bigger when it returns.

JakesterAug 21, 2014

It would be wise not to do any events to draw more crowds to that area of the resort while it's basically torn up. It's a nightmare with day to day crowds, no need to increase them until both the road and a garage are complete.

Figment82Aug 21, 2014

I hope this doesn't go the way of DCA's Food & Wine Festival. The whole "we're not sure if it'll be back next year" doesn't bode well for its survival. And I might be in the minority, but I bought something almost every year. Granted, nothing outrageously priced, but I love Mullanium's steampunk-esque birds. I know a lot of people went just to browse the artwork, but I can't imagine the vendors would keep coming back if it wasn't worthwhile, either in regards to sales or awards. Guess I'll have to stick to the art show in Mt. Dora.

note2001Aug 21, 2014

I hope they bring this back in future years, this event is more attracting to the older generation (you know, the one with grown kids and money to spare) than all the after hours and special parties. I know my parents will miss it.

CommunicoreAug 21, 2014

Darn! This basically sucks.

Tigger1988Aug 21, 2014

Never hung around the tent with Disney specific artists? People buying things left and right.

Sped2424Aug 21, 2014

honestly it really is awful the way the construction walls narrow almost every walkway.

sjhym333Aug 21, 2014

One would think with all the property around WDW they could find another location for this year (maybe the Boardwalk area?). My guess is that we may never see FOTM again

BoltAug 21, 2014

It was a pretty event but never really saw anyone buying things.

Sweet MelissaAug 20, 2014

It is a bummer. I question whether they'll even bring it back after Disney Springs is completed, which is also sad to think about.

GymLeaderPhilAug 20, 2014

Glad they came to their senses. The last thing Downtown Disney needs is more of a reason to be there right now, because it's a cluster...

MissMAug 20, 2014

Aw man, I LOVE Festival of the Masters! We go every year and it's a dream of mine to be a vendor at that show some day. I agree with @Tigger1988 too; seems like a really late hour decision.

Tigger1988Aug 20, 2014

This is a bummer. Esp since they waited so long to announce it, many Disney artists were already working on their FOTM pieces...