PHOTOS - First topiary in place as preparations continue for the 2021 EPCOT Flower and Garden Festival

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2021 Taste of EPCOT International Flower and Garden Festival preparations

The 2021 Taste of the EPCOT International Flower and Garden Festival gets underway March 3, and the horticulture team is already busy installing the displays.

The butterfly topiary are already in place in Future World west, and work is underway on building the butterfly garden near to The Land pavilion.

On the walkway to World Showcase, the expansive flower beds are being prepared for the floral display.

In this photo you can see the Mickey shape that will help guide the layout of the flowers.

The 2021 Taste of EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival will run through July 5, and is available with valid admission and a park reservation for the same date. The 2021 festival is almost a month longer than the 2020 festival and will take place over 125 days in 2021.

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Article Posted: Feb 09, 2021 / 11:34am ET
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DznyGrlSD22 hours ago

I'm going on Friday after work - can't wait!

tpoly883 days ago

i love the festivals at EPCOT, my wife and I drive over often from Tampa and really enjoy just walking around, seeing the festival highlights (the garden rocks concerts especially) and what food/drinks they have. i do have to say i was a little disappointed that this year all the drink items are just pure sugar on top of sugar at almost all the outdoor kitchens. i know this is not the F&W festival but ive been coming to this for over a decade and this year i was surprised by that. usually they have at least a white wine or non flavored beer at the kiosks. i noticed this last year at the F&W too that there was a lot of sugary drinks. I guess with their marketing dept found this is the way to go.

HauntedMansionFLA4 days ago

Awesome news!! Will we get A taste of Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party??

wdwmagic5 days ago

Lion King and Buzz is up today

JIMINYCR5 days ago

Looking forward to hearing the reviews. I was all set last year, having read and watched on line reviews to know exactly what we were going to try out on last years trip... then got it pulled out from under us. Hoping the items we were eager to try have come back.

dmleblanc19715 days ago

Us Louisiana folks are scared to death to see what they do with this "crawfish etouffee" after seeing Disney destroy gumbo that one time. I would bet money they use Chinese crawfish instead of Louisiana crawfish. And trying boudin..? Very ambitious of them. I do love seeing Parish Brewing Co. available though!

donaldfan5 days ago


MansionButler845 days ago

At best, the night before.

donaldfan5 days ago

Chance of getting “previews” this weekend? Meaning merch and some of the food available? I know the load-in of the displays are almost complete....

JohnD5 days ago

Great. A different Orange Bird collectible cup I just have to get. ;)

Notes from Neverland5 days ago

Using local bands is an interesting idea. It provides entertainment, which is great, without creating the crowding issues that would come by booking larger names.

MansionButler845 days ago

Is now a good time to announce Eat to the Beat is returning this year? Because it is.

DCBaker5 days ago

"This Foodie Guide lists all the sweet and savory bites as well as refreshing sips at the over 20 festival-exclusive Outdoor Kitchens. The newest Outdoor Kitchens are the EPCOT Sunshine Griddle offering delicious brunch items, and EPCOT Farmers Feast, where a rotating seasonal menu will offer the finest local ingredients through the festival. And check out the new Orange Bird sipper – how is it possible he is even more adorable this year? Returning is the Garden Graze, a fun food stroll highlighting five delicious offerings at the festival – all listed in the Festival Passport. Upon your Garden Graze purchase, you will receive a stamp for your Festival Passport. Once you’ve collected all five stamps, bring your Festival Passport to Pineapple Promenade Outdoor Kitchen to receive a complimentary prize exclusive to the festival. Complete the Garden Graze at your leisure, and you can even bring back your stamped Festival Passport to EPCOT at any time during the festival to complete your Garden Graze. Also new for this year’s festival are some tasty musical morsels for your ears! Each weekend, you can enjoy a series of concerts featuring local bands from Orlando, also known as the “City Beautiful.” Friday through Monday evenings, these “City Beautiful” bands will take the stage at America Gardens Theatre to perform popular songs of yesterday and today. We have listed all the fantastic new offerings in this Foodie Guide so you can map out your “not to miss” new and returning favorites for when you visit. Have fun planning your festival foodie itinerary – come hungry!"

HauntedPirate6 days ago

No Stitch topiary? My daughter is going to be very upset!