'Epcot After Hours Wind Down' event extended through the fall

Jul 31, 2014 in "Epcot After Hours Wind Down"

Posted: Thursday July 31, 2014 1:32pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The 'Epcot After Hours Wind Down' event has been extended through the fall period.

Originally announced to end its run on September 15 2014, Disney has now extended the ticketed event to run until November 9 2014. This takes the 'Epcot After Hours Wind Down' to the end of the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival.

Note that the Rose and Crown Pub location will not be available for the Wind Down on Thursdays from September 23 onwards, due to the space being used by the new premium event - 'Epcot Food and Wine Late Nights LIVE!'

Costing $35, the 'Epcot After Hours Wind Down' gives you the chance to enjoy a flight of beverages and light snacks in one of four Epcot lounges. Participating locations include La Cava del Tequila - Mexico Pavilion, Rose & Crown Pub & Dining Room - United Kingdom Pavilion, Spice Road Table - Morocco Pavilion, and theTutto Gusto Wine Cellar.

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NYBalooJan 23, 2015

Does anyone know if they are still doing this event or did the offerings stop after the Food and Wine Festival was over?

wdwmagicJul 31, 2014

'Epcot After Hours Wind Down' event extended through the fall

stalkingmickeyMay 01, 2014

So this review says they were offered to order more food and drink from the bar menu when tasting was done. This is the opposite of what some post here have reported. Some people have said that they were denied ordering any additional food or drink. I like the fact that you could order another drink and go walking through WS. we are staying at BC and our tasting is at Mexico so we will wonder thru the WS and get some nice night shots of the countries with no people in them. worth every penny to me

WendyTinkerbellMay 01, 2014

This event must not be very popular. I haven't been able to find a review or description from anyone that has attended the event. Edit: Found this review on Touring Plans. http://blog.touringplans.com/2014/04/25/epcot-after-hours-wind-down-review-la-cava-morocco/

wdisney9000Apr 30, 2014

You are crafty. I like your style.

BigTxEarsApr 30, 2014

Oh come on, now what? What event? Where is the link so I can give Mickey more of my money.... :) Nevermind found it. Starts June 7th, the day we leave.....score! "Hey honey I really wanted to take you to this but dang it we leave the day it starts"

BigTxEarsApr 30, 2014

I am hoping this leads to more, but we will see. The $35 is much compared to the cost of the entire trip, if it is a miss then so be it. But honestly, and don't repeat this to anyone, I got major points from the wife for planning a "date night" away from the kids while we are at WDW. And after 22 years of marriage I need all the points I can get built up for when I screw up :) Heck that alone is worth the $70 for the two of us!

xdan0920Apr 30, 2014

$35 looks like a bargain now that they have announced the AK after hours event.

wdisney9000Apr 30, 2014

I agree with you that no person here should criticize another for their choice to attend. I've spent more than $35 for random things at WDW that I no longer even have. $35 for booze and appz isn't a big deal, I just know Disney can do better, at least they used to.

BigTxEarsApr 30, 2014

Because a number of replies on the multiple threads on this subject have gone well beyond offering alternatives to this event. Many of them have been negative and rude to folks who have decided to do this event. So to those folks I say leave it alone, if you don't want to go then don't. But stop the immature implications that folks who are going "just don't know better" and are "falling" for some WDW scheme. That is what I was referring too, not people making constructive comments. I have yet to see some one going say anything negative about someone not going. That is all I am saying.

michmousefanApr 30, 2014

Not really much of a "wind-down" if you have to stand the whole time. My idea of "winding down" includes some serious slouching in a comfy chair.

JohnDApr 30, 2014

I never said anything about not having the event. I was simply asking about the pricing structure. You could still have the wind down and offer ala carte food and beverage from a limited menu without requiring an up-front cost.

wdisney9000Apr 30, 2014

Why ask people to "let it alone"? Perhaps someone reading may not have the extra cash to pay for this event but would still like to enjoy a drink after hours and the suggestion @JohnD made about drinking on the Boardwalk is a more affordable alternative for them. If he had "let it alone" that person may not be aware that you can enjoy drinks on the Boardwalk after hours. Its education through discussion and different viewpoints. I think its silly to pay them money to be able to eat/drink after hours but how would I sound if I asked you to stop talking about your excitement for this event because I feel differently about it than you do?

WendyTinkerbellApr 30, 2014

Has anyone here attended this event yet? What did you think?