runDisney reveals medals for 2024 Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend

Oct 09, 2023 in "Disney's Princess Half Marathon Weekend"

Posted: Monday October 9, 2023 2:00pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

runDisney has unveiled the medals for the 2024 Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend presented by CORKCICLE.

The sold-out event returns to Walt Disney World Resort February 22 – 26, 2024.

2024 Disney Princess Half Marathon Medals

Disney Princess 5K medal featuring Ariel

Disney Princess 10K medal featuring Rapunzel

Disney Princess Half Marathon featuring Tiana

Disney Princess Fairy Tale Challenge featuring Anna, Elsa and Olaf

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SwissmissMar 05, 2024

I print it out guides to read them 😃

Tha RealestMar 05, 2024

When everyone’s a Princess, no one is.

uncle jimmyMar 05, 2024

OMG yes!!! Give me paper and give me the event guide sooner in advance. I like to visualize my runs, sometimes I like to make a running playlist and knowing the course in advance helps. I think there are several things that rD team could start doing that other larger races do. @Swissmiss I think a bit of the problem (negativity) with Princess Weekend over the other weekend is it's more of a mix of runners/ newbie runner's/ not runners but there for the medal and photos. Add social media into the mix and then you have a bunch of people complaining about x,y and z.

surfsupdonMar 05, 2024

Part of the fun, part of my race experience, is reading that guide from front to back. It still pains me that Disney’s is electronic! I love me some final race instructions!

SwissmissMar 05, 2024

This one makes me “laugh”. I volunteer for the organization that puts on all (but one) of the big races here and more often than not I am at the Info Desk. The number of people who do not read the runner’s guide is astounding.

surfsupdonMar 05, 2024

The runners who chose to participate were: 1. Nasty on the buses, at expo, and in corrals, starting conversations with others and putting newbies down. 2. Such negativity online post events yet for reasons they were told to be prepared for. Not being prepared when info is given is not a valid excuse. 3. The term princess itself carries entitlement. Like “I’m a princess, gimme gimme” or “rules don’t apply to me.”

SwissmissMar 04, 2024

Why do you think this race has more of these negative aspects than others?

surfsupdonMar 04, 2024

I did Princess twice back-to-back with my sister in 2016 and 2017. Easily my least fav weekend because of the abundance of negativity, entitlement, and sheer chaos from runners. My perspective.

uncle jimmyMar 04, 2024

So I actually only did the 10k 🥺 I'll share pics soon... I felt good while running the 10k, after the race I crashed and it took me a while to recover. I kept going back and forth Saturday evening on if I should run Sunday or not. Having a week left on vacation at WDW, I decided to not do the half, enjoy sleeping in (til 6:50am) and enjoy WDW. I honestly think the coughing of people around me made me more nervous too, weaken immune system here. Thankfully I remained healthy and enjoyed our vacation. Lots of negativity surrounding this weekend floating around online. I will say this, I had a great time and look forward to next years.

RubberburnerMar 03, 2024

DznyGrlSDFeb 26, 2024

Great weekend. Minimal shenanigans (thank you all). See you in April!

RteetzFeb 25, 2024

Congrats Princess runners!

surfsupdonFeb 25, 2024


uncle jimmyFeb 24, 2024

Good Luck tomorrow fellow runners!!!! (I'm Pascal tomorrow ;))