Disney After Hours selling out at both Disney's Animal Kingdom and Disney's Hollywood Studios

Feb 18, 2019 in "Disney After Hours"

Posted: Monday February 18, 2019 10:35am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney After Hours appears to be having a surge in popularity, with two nights having recently sold out during this holiday weekend.

Tomorrow night's event at Disney's Animal Kingdom on February 19 2019 is now sold out, and a night at Disney's Hollywood Studios sold out last week.

All Disney After Hours event tickets cost $125 + tax for advance purchase and $129 + tax for day-of purchases. Disney Vacation Club members and Annual Passholders do receive a discounted price $95 + tax.

The event gives you access to the park for three hours after regular park hours, which means nearly no wait for attractions, and you can enter the park early – at 7pm on your event night – before Disney After Hours begins. Ice cream, popcorn and non-alcoholic beverages are also included in your Disney After Hours admission, which is a separately priced ticket from daytime park admission.

Magic Kingdom Park

Event nights will run on: Nov. 26; and Dec. 3, 10, 2018; and Jan. 7, 17, 24 and 28, 2019; Feb. 7, 14, and 28, 2019; and March 7, 2019.

Tickets are currently available for Disney After Hours at Magic Kingdom Park at DisneyWorld.com/DisneyAfterHours.

Disney's Hollywood Studios

Attractions available include Slinky Dog Dash, Alien Swirling Saucers and Toy Story Mania! Rockin’ Roller Coaster, Tower of Terror . Select quick-service food & beverage locations will also stay open for purchases throughout the night. Event nights at Disney’s Hollywood Studios will be: Dec. 8, 15 and 22, 2018; and Jan. 5, 12 and 19, 2019; Feb. 2, 9 and 16, 2019; March 2, 9, 16, 23 and 30, 2019; and April 6 and 13, 2019.

Disney's Animal Kingdom

Includes the Tree of Life Awakenings, the adventures within Pandora – The World of Avatar and more. Select quick-service food & beverage locations will remain open throughout the night for purchases. Dates at Disney’s Animal Kingdom are: Dec. 4, 12 and 18, 2018; and Jan. 8, 16, 22 and 31, 2019; and Feb. 5, 6, 12, 13, 19 and 26, 2019; and March 5, 20 and 27, 2019; and April 3, 2019.

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iowamomof4May 29, 2019

We were there on the 17th as well (if that's what you mean by 2 weeks ago! Fantastic night and very low crowds. Other than a brief downtime for ToT, everything seemed to be running quite smoothly.

The PhoMay 29, 2019

Pretty certain it was closed. Nobody was on that side of the park, they wouldn’t sell much. Most the food places close for after hours.

Horizons '83May 29, 2019

Awesome advice as well! Thanks! Do you know if Baseline Tap is open through the event or is it just open until official park closing?

Horizons '83May 29, 2019

Good point, we had to do that for 7DMT at the MK after hours earlier this year.

The PhoMay 29, 2019

They’re really awesome. I got on 21 rides in 3 hours for Studios 2 weeks ago, so a ride every 8.5 minutes including ride, travel, and ice cream time. It’s only walk on for the party itself only. The park shuts at 9, and cycles out the non party people. Party starts at 9:30 and ends at 12:30. There may be slight lines early on, but people spread out quickly. People tend to gravitate to the big ride first (FoP and Slinky) then spread to the others, so I’d suggest starting with others and ending with Toy Story to maximize time. Star Tours was walk on for an hour before the party started.

monothingieMay 29, 2019

Only the last 2 hours are walk ons for popular attractions. Slinkly dog may be the last hour. Keep in mind you have to wait for the queue to clear of day guests.

Horizons '83May 29, 2019

Appreciate the feedback. I think I am going to give this a try on Friday. 6 hours in the park with walk on's seems like a winner to me.

The PhoMay 29, 2019

2 weeks ago it was walk into car and sit down for both. So literally a walk on.

Texas84May 29, 2019

On my after hours Slinky was 10-15 minutes, TSM walk-on.

Horizons '83May 29, 2019

For those of you who have gone to the HS After Hours, I am curious how the wait times were for Slinky/TSM, etc.

xdan0920Mar 11, 2019

I actually just think it sucks when people get uppity about the poors standing around the park 7 minutes past the time when they “should” be out of there. I think it’s more annoying that the after party crowd shows up at 7 when the party doesn’t start till 10.

Kman101Mar 11, 2019

Exactly. Now do we agree with those closure times? Probably not. I think they should all be open later, but to say the parks were open until 12/1am on the regular, that isn't true anymore and hasn't been for a long time. So guests aren't actually losing out. It's not like Disney posts park hours and then cuts them and adds an after hours party ... Anyway ... why Epcot World Showcase isn't open on the regular until 12-1am surprises me. Even 11 would be great. I wish they'd get out of their ridgid closure times. Sure, sometimes they change them day of, or week of, etc. and I get "slower times", but let's be real, slow season doesn't exist anymore. "Less slammed" does ... (January/February is a great time to hit the parks if you time it right) I agree. I can see DHS staying open later. I imagine EMH every day or however they did it with Toy Story Land.

mikejs78Mar 11, 2019

I also remember when the parks regularly closed at 6 Pm during the off season. So now we have fewer late nights and fewer early nights. We've kind of settled.into 10PM at MK most of the year (except Jan/Feb) and 9 PM everywhere else. Although I suspect DHS will soon be having lots of late nights.

Kman101Mar 11, 2019

The park has always regularly been open until 12 or 1am? Where have I been? (I don't disagree with your overall point, mind you ... but at the same time, lets be real, park hours have been decreased for a long time now. Regular park hours are not the same as they were in 1989 or 1999 - and I do disagree with promptly closing at 9pm). Most of the regular hours they close promptly at 9, minus the few nights they stay open later ... which is usually when something isn't going on at night. I think they've overdone what they're doing but as someone who finally experienced After Hours ... I get it's appeal. It's a great time without any crowds. It was beautiful. But I won't pay it again. And keeping the park open until 12 or 1am on the regular won't produce the same low crowds. Trust me, at least the MK would still be packed. For the MK, After Hours makes sense. The other parks, it's more of a way to get some money and give guests a chance to ride most things with no wait and experience new lands with low crowds. It's not the worst idea but I know we all have a jaded opinion of them so it's hard to swallow what many of us see as greed. I think in general the parks should all be open later. But After Hours isn't the worst thing in the world. I have more issue with the hard ticket parties taking up the bulk of each week. But I know it's fun to beat the "everything sucks" drum.