EPCOT sells out another Disney After Hours night with only two dates still available

Aug 09, 2023 in "Disney After Hours"

Disney After Hours at EPCOT
Posted: Wednesday August 9, 2023 7:41am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney After Hours at EPCOT is now sold out for August 10, 2023, leaving just two dates with available tickets.

After a slow start to sales, the Disney After Hours event at EPCOT has gained popularity and has now sold out 3 of the 12 scheduled nights. It still lags significantly behind Disney After Hours at Disney's Hollywood Studios, which sold out every night.

The remaining dates with tickets available for Disney After Hours at EPCOT are Thursday, 17, and 24.

Disney After Hours is a special ticketed event at Disney theme parks that allows guests to enjoy the park for a three hours after its regular closing time with minimal waits at the attractions.

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Figments Friend18 days ago

Whelp, I’m in town the second week of January so Mickey has my money for the first MK ‘After Hours’ Event on the 11th. First time attending one of these, believe it or not. Well, unless you count the old very missed original ‘E-Ticket Nights’. Those were fantastic. Really, really hope the place is not overflowing with the local vloggers since it will be the first night. Not really seeing a need for their oversaturated presence that evening..…I mean, nothing ‘new’ will be happening that I am aware of. But you know vloggers…. 😑 If I hear one blabbering away near me while I am trying to enjoy the moment I am going to dump my free complimentary popcorn over their head. And then of course go get another popcorn since it’s all you can eat snackies during the Event! 😁 -

Jeff45619 days ago

Thanks interestingly it let me do it online and took payment.. ticket is still pending though so I wonder if it may be reversed. Problem with calling is from the UK it is likely to be a very expensive call. Thanks for the information :)

Tuvalu19 days ago

Your AP won’t activate until your first use into a park. In order to purchase the tickets online you need to have activated your AP in order to access the Passholder prices, as MDE makes you log in to check for Passholder status. You can call Disney to explain your situation. They will see your voucher purchase and may be able to override the system for an After Hours ticket purchase. The AP discount for the event on Feb 1 is $30 plus tax.

Jeff45619 days ago

Not sure if anyone can answer the question or has experience. I bought an AP in September 23 when we were last at WDW, we already had UK tickets at the time so did not activate it my next trip back is the 1st of February where we will activate it at Epcot that morning. Is it possible to book AP discounted tickets now to the MK After hours on that day as my passes will then be activated that morning? In buying the tickets will that start my AP from today? Essentially I want to ensure my AP does not start until the 1st of February as otherwise I won't be able to go in December 2024 as I am not spending another $700ish dollars each on UK tickets.

Squishy20 days ago

Jollywood had rides walk on as well but could've been a one day thing with most people stuck in food/entertainment lines.

MisterPenguin20 days ago

But with less people. The focus isn't on extra entertainment, but going on the rides, pretty much with all of them being walk-ons. At one DAK after hours, I rode FoP 12 times in a row. It would have been more except for the 5 minute walk to exit and get back on.

JediMasterMatt20 days ago

Hey now. Let's not get crazy and start touting Jollywood Nights had entertainment (other than the online kind after) based on the opening night reviews. I wish I was more than half joking.

TheMaxRebo20 days ago

Get popcorn, ice cream novelties, and soda included though! I do think if one treats Jollywood like an After Hours and focuses on doing rides and mix in a show or two you can have a good time. Probably is if you focused largely in the stuff they promoted for Jollywood it gets dicey

Squishy20 days ago

Same price as jollywood nights but without the entertainment

bmr159126 days ago

So my wife tried calling to purchase tickets for the first After Hours at MK. We'll be staying on site during that stay and thought we'd be able to purchase. And we can, kind of. They won't let us use our AP discount over the phone. The lady keeps saying she isn't allowed to give us that, even though it's clearly available to passholders. I guess we'll just have to wait until next week and hope it doesn't sell out. I don't think it will, since I'm sure the vloggers who are going to want to fill that party up are locals not staying on site, but she'd be crushed if it did.

fgmntOct 25, 2023

I think the After Hours events are less obtrusive and unhealthy for the parks than the parties. They’re out of season and they don’t affect normal operating hours. Shutting down the castle park 4/7 days during peak season to provide what i have always considered a poor value proposition to be bad for everyone on property.

preludevtec01Oct 25, 2023

Years and years ago, went to a MK afterhours shindig thingy. Main reason was to ride SM over and over. It was our little ones favorite at the time. It stayed closed the entire evening. We were so bummed. Snow White was closed a majority of the evening as well. The afterhours/parties were a value back in the day, I don't think so anymore. Even more so with attractions being hit or miss being opened.

fryOct 25, 2023

I just did after hours apart of deluxe resort extended hours. And galaxys edge was temporarily closed for the entire duration...