'Disney Enchantment' fireworks dessert parties coming soon to Magic Kingdom

Sep 14, 2021 in "Fireworks Dessert Party"

Posted: Tuesday September 14, 2021 11:37am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Firework dessert parties are about to return to Walt Disney World, with the Magic Kingdom's 'Disney Enchantment Pre-Party' and 'Disney Enchantment After-Party.'

The 'Disney Enchantment Pre-Party' is priced at $79 for adults and $47 for children and offers desserts at the Tomorrowland Terrace, followed by viewing of Disney Enchantment in the Plaza Gardens on Main Street U.S.A.

The 'Disney Enchantment After-Party' is priced at $99 per adult and $59 for children and offers firework viewing in the Plaza Garden, followed by desserts, beer, and wine at the Tomorrowland Terrace.

Finally, 'Disney Enchantment Treats & Seats' offers desserts, cheese and wines with fireworks seating inside the Tomorrowland Terrace. Pricing is $114 for adults and $69 for children.

The parties open on October 3 2021, although reservations are not yet available. Theme park admission and Disney Park Pass reservations are required for both events.


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JeffxzSep 16, 2021

@wdwmagic - The main site article has a mistake. The pre-party price is $99 (not $79) and also includes alcohol.

Vinnie MacSep 16, 2021

Yeah. I get the feeling that a lot of people think that Main Street USA will be doing something drastically different than what's seen on the castle. You wouldn't be missing anything if you weren't on MS.

Notes from NeverlandSep 15, 2021

I'd wager that the Main Street USA projections will serve as an extension of what's projected on the Cinderella Castle. The experience could be better from further back, but it's unlikely anyone is missing out by being in front of Main Street USA.

DisneysonSep 15, 2021

I imagine that the best place to do this show is just after the cross street so you can see Main Street — I wonder how people who pay top coin will react when they realize that half of the show is going on behind them…

rreadingSep 15, 2021

That is a good question- where the best place to see the new show will actually be. To me, the train station would seem a bit far away, although it could be comfortable

cslaffertySep 15, 2021

If they were doing it from the Main Street train station, I would consider it. We did an after party the first time we saw HEA and the Plaza Garden area was nice and not packed in like sardines, with a great view of the castle projections. But with the new show, you’ll miss all the projections down Main Street. I’m not paying extra $$ to miss a big part of the show.

Notes from NeverlandSep 14, 2021

This matches what was offered previously. We thought the seating area offered poor viewing, so we did the Plaza viewing where the desserts were before the fireworks. Great spot to view Happily Ever After.

Cowboy SteveSep 14, 2021

Yeah have to agree with this. Unless your 'assigned' table was on the rail, you couldn't see half the fireworks because of the roof overhang. The only desert party we ever truly felt like was worth what we paid was the Star Wars desert party at HS. Even that was borderline too expensive but we did enjoy it.

Parker in NYCSep 14, 2021

That’s a lot of herding cattle in and out to feed. Three seatings/standings. No thanks. If I’m paying that, I don’t want to feel rushed.

WEDYENSIDSep 14, 2021

Did the original one (twice) on the Terrace when it was only $29. It was OK, but the view is not too good. Tables were first come/first served the first year, assigned tables the second year (I think it was $39 the second time). If you get a table at the front, you think you're good - Until the Fireworks start and people walk out in front of you to stand/see them - then you have get up from your table to do the same thing. Decided it was not worth the hassle the next 10 trips to Disney...

danv3Sep 14, 2021

$99 is probably past my limit, but the one time I did a dessert party for HEA, I thought it was worthwhile solely to have some space during the show.

JohnDSep 14, 2021

But here's the deal with the new show. Why would you want to pay for a dessert party from Tomorrowland Terrace or the plaza near the hub, at least for the first time. If they're going to light up Main Street wouldn't you want to watch from in front of the train station so you can see all the way down Main Street and see the castle?

BaconPancakesSep 14, 2021

I’d consider paying this after our last trip where we stood in our spot an hour ahead of time only to have dozens of rude people barge their way into our personal bubble 10 mins before showtime. 🙄

mickeyfan202Sep 14, 2021

Oh yes! It is all coming back to me. Thanks for the reminder as I had forgotten about this offering. If your table is further back, you paid big bucks for what????