Whispering Canyon Cafe breakfast to be relocated next week

Jan 28, 2015 in "Whispering Canyon Cafe"

Posted: Wednesday January 28, 2015 8:14am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

Breakfast at Whispering Canyon Cafe will be relocated to Artist Point next week as work takes place on the Wilderness Lodge Lobby.

The move will affect breakfast only on February 5 and February 12 2015. Lunch and dinner will continue to be served in Whispering Canyon as normal.

The usual server provided fun and games will be on hand, and the full menu and will be available in Artist Point, with the exception of pancakes, which apparently need kitchen equipment not available at Artist Point.

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TuvaluJan 30, 2015

Here now. There are 4 cherry-pickers (enclosed by a small white fence) around one of the giant teepee chandeliers. Workers are cleaning/repairing the light. It seems to be a very laborious job. It definitely took away the lobby "wow" factor when we arrived yesterday. But outside is worse. The right side of the back part of the lodge (facing the courtyard, near the upper part of the waterfall) is all under scaffolding as refurbishment is done. I'm guessing the rooms covered by the scaffolding are unoccupied. And now I know why the courtyard view category (which is normally more expensive) was cheaper than the woods view category during this time!

MaryJanePJan 30, 2015

Does anyone think the bean-counters won't measure the change in sales that will occur during this "2 day" relocation. If guests want breakfast to be returned to Whispering Canyon, then think about what effect will result from your patronage.

UofMGuy423Jan 29, 2015

Please, NOOOOOOO! :jawdrop: (Though I wouldn't put it past them at this point!)

SnarkyMonkeyJan 29, 2015

I don't know how but mark my words, this is another sign of Disney greed. ;) Yes. Does anyone know? Must be something minor if it's just two days. Is there any refurb happening on the lobby before or after that?

Ben_since_1971Jan 28, 2015

Frozen makeover. :p

NMBC1993Jan 28, 2015

I actually like the idea of a temporary breakfast set-up at Artist Point! If the chance comes up I'll definitely try to make it down there. I know it's the same menu and everything, except for the pancakes (which is fine as syrup and sugar doesn't go well with my ADHD) but as I haven't been to Artist Point since the Pocahontas breakfast (yes, that long ago) It'll be nice to experience it again.

ToTBellHopJan 28, 2015

Apparently not at Whispering Canyon. I doubt Disney is doing this just to be obnoxious for a week.

FutureWorld1982Jan 28, 2015

Yep. The full advisory stated that "diners can still enjoy the beloved atmospheric elements of Whispering Canyon Café, including ketchup relays and "pony express" races." :)

Goofnut1980Jan 28, 2015

wait.. we can get special shaped Mickey Waffles, but you can't get a pancake? I work for a caterer and a frying pan or flat top grill which is the most standard of kitchen equipment is all you need.

DisneyCyclonesJan 28, 2015

I always thought Whispering Canyon and Artist Point shared a large kitchen between the two restaurants. That way they should still be able to have pancakes.

Gabe1Jan 28, 2015

You might be onto something there! Kudos

ssidiouss@mac.cJan 28, 2015

Anyone know how bad of a construction state the lobby is in or will be over the next 2 weeks?

bgraham34Jan 28, 2015

How hard is it to use a frying pan to make pancakes.

prberkJan 28, 2015

My mother loves the fun of that, and loves to go to Whispering Canyon just for that purpose alone. It makes her laugh every time we go.