Downtown Disney West Side Food Trucks change of operating days and times

Jan 27, 2014 in "West Side Food Trucks at Exposition Park"

Posted: Monday January 27, 2014 10:24am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

The four Downtown Disney West Side Food Trucks are now operating from Wednesday through to Sunday, from 5pm to 11pm.

Two trucks are typically parked near to La Nouba, with the other two being located in the courtyard next to Bongo's.

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RSoxNo1Nov 22, 2016

Morimoto is excellent, but it sounds like they're understaffing. Many of these restaurants are doing this unfortunately where they essentially shift to reservation only.

jakemanNov 22, 2016

Same. Was there across a weekend (first weekend in November) and one was not in use during the week but on Friday all of them were out.

Master YodaNov 22, 2016

This^^^ Unique and high volume just don't seem to go well together.

HakunamatataNov 22, 2016

I believe all four were in operation when I was there in October. There were a couple of times there was just three but i believe on weekends all four were in use

mm121Nov 22, 2016

this thread should probably be moved to the "disney springs" sub forum

mm121Nov 22, 2016

regardless it was dumb that they weren't fully staffed on a Saturday early evening like 6pm especially with a line out the door seems most of the new DS restaurants are mostly reservation based and completely go crazy when they get walk up business the whole experience just left me with a really bad experience, as such i wont ever consider even bothering to check their wait time in the future

MotherOfBirdsNov 22, 2016

Restaurant wait times are about the number of staff present, not the number of available seats. They could put you at one of those empty tables, but a server wouldn't be able to help you for a long time and the kitchen staff would be similarly unable to make your food.

bhg469Nov 21, 2016

I have a place by my house that is the best sushi I have ever had. The wait is sometimes extremely long but it is a tiny place in the little of a small suburban neighborhood. It is ranked the #1 restaurant in my city and totally think its worth the wait. The best part is, it is very affordable. Having said that, I would be very disappointed if Morimoto wasn't as good or better because I know it is definitely expensive. Their dim sum prices are stupid expensive though. Dim sum is definitely not something you should ever charge that much for, regardless of how good it is.

mm121Nov 21, 2016

morimoto is terrible wanted to get sushi there this summer, and was told it was a 2 hour wait even though half the dining room was empty

mm121Nov 21, 2016

FYI its still listed on disney dining so i'd take that as meaning the closure is temporary

bhg469Nov 21, 2016

I wonder if Morimoto wanted to push their small offerings and wanted to keep the truck from selling theirs.

mm121Nov 21, 2016

how many trucks were there? 4? maybe they just had too much capacity and not enough business how do you know its just rotting away? is it still parked in food truck park and just not being opened if they dont plan to re open it, seems they'd sell it since i'd guess theres a nice used food truck market since there pretty popular right now

djkidkazNov 21, 2016

Majority of people don't want unique. We see this time and time again. All of these restaurants that try to be unique and offer something more eclectic end up having to change menus or have poor attendance. Just recently Jungle Cruise Skipper Canteen comes to mind and Tiffins. People also don't want to pay out the nose for ONE meal during a week stay that could probably cover 3 or 4 quick service meals.

WhatJaneSaysNov 21, 2016

Oh no. Did something happen to the truck itself? I got the potstickers from there ... I'm gonna say mid-October and they seemed to be doing well.