Patina Restaurant Group is not hiring Cultural Representatives for the Italy pavilion at EPCOT

Feb 10, 2021 in "Via Napoli"

Posted: Wednesday February 10, 2021 6:26pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

An international recruiting website had sparked reports today that the Italy pavilion was actively recruiting cast members for Disney's cultural representative program at EPCOT.

We have heard this evening directly from Patina Restaurant Group, the restaurant operator at the Italy pavilion, that they are not hiring for the Italy pavilion and that the news is completely incorrect.

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castlecake2.0Aug 30, 2021

Most CPs in world showcase are on programs till January, along with a lot of FT cast on TAs in server roles till January as well. This makes it look like they were hoping to start brining CRPs back in the new year, but who knows how accurate that remains.

nickysAug 23, 2021

The US hasn’t relaxed their rules yet to let them into the country . Nor have they started issuing visas again or even said anything about it. Sp that’s a No .

CaptainAmericaAug 23, 2021

Have we heard anything at all about this in the last six months? Is Disney still waiting on government action? My understanding is that this was tied to Presidential Proclamation 10052, which expired at the end of March.

Cesar R MFeb 13, 2021

The Disney Careers site still shows nothing for international and cultural programs.

corran hornFeb 12, 2021


JenniferSFeb 12, 2021


dreday3Feb 12, 2021


raymusiccityFeb 12, 2021

They might be recruiting from Bullwinkle's Alma Mater: 'Whatsa Matter U.' 😄

wdriveFeb 11, 2021

It was The Commons where the World Showcase cast mostly lived.

corran hornFeb 11, 2021

Maybe I'm remembering someone mentioning they were living in Vista Way.

wdriveFeb 11, 2021

Technically, none of them. Most lived in college program housing though. A few found ways to stay in the US and continued to work in their pavilion.

JoeCamelFeb 11, 2021


corran hornFeb 11, 2021

He didn't tell me aboot poutine.

larryzFeb 11, 2021

Did he speak Canadian?